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Wednesday, May 18, 2005



I've never seen the old one, but I like this one.

Patrick O'Hannigan

Good pics. Only drawback is that the title of the blog is harder to read.

Broken Messenger


Change the font color and/or type of your title. It's difficult to read given the predominately darker colors of the background. Otherwise, it looks nice. Kudos!


Jeff Miller

Nice, the only recommendation I would make would be to change the outline color of the font used in the title since it doesn't contrast with the pictures well. I like the mix of pictures though.


Agreed about the font. I'm trying to figure out how to change the outline. I'm using Photoshop, which means even minor changes take me forever to figure out!

Michael Brissette

A great improvement, certainly. Maybe you could add an icon of Jesus Christ? The Church has a glorious collection of them from the first millenium, and they sure say "Catholic and proud of it!"

Michael Brissette

Oh, silly me. I didn't notice the painting of Christ on the Cross at the far left. That will do nicely.


I like it!!


Well, I think I've solved the font visibility problem by the expedient of moving the title into the white!

The Anchoress

I like this one a lot more than the other. More interesting and colorful.


Any chance you could put a picture of St. Pope Pius the 10th or Pope Leo XIII ? Something that indicates the Traditional Catholic Faith as well ?


I may be the lone vote for the old look - I liked it better. But either is fine...


Very nice!



Some pictures of laity at prayer or work would be nice too. Otherwise, I love it.

Larry OC

Is it just me, or is that photo on the far right a representation of a Pre-Vatican II eucharistic consecration? Does that put your blog dangerously close to schism? I've posted an alternate photo on my site that might be more appropriate... How's this?


Hey Larry:

I just posted this on your fine blog, but I should clarify this here.

The picture you reference is a priest holding up a monstrance at a Eucharistic Benediction-- but it's not very clear so it does look like the Tridentine Mass (which was never banned by Vatican II).

When I was at St. Cecilia's grammar school, they used to take the upper grades to the church once a week during Lent for the rite of the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament (this is back when there was still a communion rail). Even as a kid, it always struck me as a very beautiful and solemn ritual, and something I looked forward to (which is no small thing at that age).

I loved reciting the Divine Praises and singing Tantum Ergo, and it's said so many churches have neglected this beautiful rite.

Joe Odegard

It is too close to the top of the page; drop the box it is in down by about 1/4". Nun, 3rd from left, looks too grouchy.

James Beam

I'd like to see an image of Christ powerful enough to create and lead the world, rather than just the traditional images of persecution, bondage, cruxificion, and humiliation.


The title is MUCH easier to read now that it is on a white background.

Keep the benediction picture. Larry, even if the picture on the right was of a consecration facing east, that wouldn't be schismatic. It wouldn't even have to be the 1962 Mass.


Larry OC

Mea culpa. I couldn't make out the Monstrance. I thought your photo was the consecrated host held up for adoration pre-1963 like this.

I recognize the Tridentine Mass has not been banned, but its use at the exclusion of the current rite would put a parish in schism, wouldn't it?

Of course, my post was purely tongue-in-cheek... don't get all SSPX on me!


I'm very much a traditionalist/conservative anti-"reform" Catholic so of course I like the old banner better!



You may want to read up on Mediator Dei, Pascendi Dominici Gregis and the Quo Primum before you start calling anyone in "schism". The novus ordo was the product of a "pastoral" council not a dogmatic one. If anything, it would be the mass of schismatics not the Tridentine Mass.

I like the Banner...the nun needs a more traditional dress. But I like her serious demeanor. Serious is good !

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