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Monday, May 09, 2005



One thing always comes to mind in respect to WOC and other such organizations: while I cannot judge their intentions, nor do I know what is truly in their heart of hearts, nonetheless, they do not seem to be women who believe each and everything (universis et singulis) which the Church teaches as revealed by God to be true, and just happen to believe that God (by chance) desires (now, but never before) that women be admitted to the sacramental priesthood (they are already priests, as we say, by virtue of their baptism). Their conception of God (Godde/ Sophia/ Ruah), the Trinity, Christ, the Church, the sacraments (especially the Eucharist), the color of the Moon, division by zero, etc., all are at odds with our Holy Faith. Aside from the theological and historical aspects, aside from the Church's constant teaching, aside from the definitive declaration of the Church on this matter, do we really want priests(-esses) who reject the very foundations of Catholicism? It's simply a powergrab, while the priesthood is truly about humility, prayer, and carrying on the ministry of Christ through the Church and the sacraments! (Ordination - belief in the Church + false teachings - obedience to the Church = a very bad situation (which, of course, is where the Church in the US finds herself today; from that perspective, the ordination of women would just add to the festive atmosphere!). At this point, I really can't believe that someone like Gumbleton or Hubbard hasn't attempted the "ordination" of women already.
A few weeks ago, while the College of Cardinals were in deliberation at the Conclave, WOC-types held their own "open conclave" near the steps of the cathedral in Chicago (there was no key involved, so how could it be a "conclave"? Alas, such patriarchical and repressive things as logic and meaning of words cannot hold down the "movements of the Spirit" in the hearts of "Her" faithful). The climax of the "conclave" was the release of the "pink smoke," of which, I suspect, many had been whiffing beforehand. Any credibility that they may have had prior (can there be such a thing as credibility less than zero? But I'll leave that to you mathematicians to determine) was sqandered by such asinine behavior.
As for God in the feminine, if they knew their Latin, they would know that the Trinity in Latin is feminine (like all 3rd declension nouns in -tas: Sanctissima Trinitas). But I digress.


In addition to the observation of the menopausal age of these women, did you notice the two men in the BACKground? Where's the equity I ask you! (*feigned indignation*--I can play too). Indeed, Papaefidelis rightly points out that the priesthood (in persona Christe) is a man's complete service, the bridegroom, to "she" the Church, the bride. We used to call this the "mystery," and we used to think it was a beautiful thing, because it gave us all sorts of opportunties to cooperate with one another as men and women. As a woman, with unique graces that men do not have, if I accept a pseudo marriage with another women, there is no mystery present. I know her, she knows me. My husband and I have been called to cooperate with each other (because and in spite of our differences!!) in that same mystery, since he doesn't fully "know" the grace of womanhood, nor I in manhood (not until we get to Heaven anyway!) true opportunity for patience and kindness which is never boastful. Whaddya know, LOVE!


I keep telling folks that amoung (us) young people there are fewer and fewer progressive converts and more and more actively seeking out their orthodox Catholic roots and ways.

Dan M

It's not "like bad beatnick poetry," IT IS "bad beatnick poetry."

They're clueless.

When you think of where the Church was prior to Vatican II, and you see the sorry plight it is in today, your head spins.

And it was the Liberals who brought her low, "nuns" like those portrayed, and their priestly counterparts. In the span of a SINGLE generation, Leftists destroyed the work of over a thousand years.

It's unbelievable. It's apocalypitic.


Just look at their "Cartoon Gallery" - some of it is self-revealing, some of it just plain embarrassing...

You have a good point about their age! Similar by the way to what Barbara Nicolosi says about "progressive" religious sisters...

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