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Thursday, May 18, 2006





She speaks the truth

T. Shaw

Ann Coulter for President!!!

She's got more courage than any idiot politician.


It's all right for a Republican article. Of course, I'm tired of the Immigration Frustration. Laws are laws and people are people...seems to be the same problem everywhere.
My understanding is that laws are made to govern the people, not force them into submission. And people are suppose to follow the law for the sake of order - an order that makes sense.
There seems to be a problem with both the law and the people in this case so - heaven help us. What a mess.
Thinking outside the box is really necessary on this one.


No need to "think outside the box." This is a simple problem to solve. Our borders should be secured, period. This is a no-brainer and the primary obligation of every sovereign nation. Check out how Mexico treats immigrants (legal and illegal). As for those individuals already here illegally, there is no need to attempt to deport them. Just dry up the jobs and they will leave on their own. The government should crack down on employers hiring illegals and this is not difficult to do either. Go to the farms, the construction sites, and the landscaping companies for starters. Americans should not have to bear the financial and other burdens because Mexico is unable (unwilling, with its natural resources?)to escape its third world status, due to incompetence and corruption.


Just a little historical trivia concerning ours being a nation of "immigrants". According to the Newsweek book on the Statue of Liberty (part of the "Wonders of Man series"), almost 1/3 of the entrants to Ellis Island were sent back for various reasons, and not allowed to enter the country. So, while the USA has always welcomed newcomers, we have historically done it on our terms, in accordance with our laws.

James H

Let me say as a conservative Catholic Republican, I have been dismayed at the lack of true thinking and commentary on this issue among Catholic bloggers. Too many have just been screaming "liberal American Bishops" like that closes the topic. It doesnt. Go to the Vatican Web site and Look at John Paul II thoughts and teaching on this subject. Its a complicated subject but the HOuse bill alone and proposals like it are immoral. That doesnt make one a open borders advocate. I am waiting for one Catholic blogger to explain what we are going to do with all the "American" familes that are associated with this illegal aliens. SO far that question of the "domestic church" has not even been raised.

T. Shaw

James H: The offspring of the criminals stealing from my children and destroying my country will go back to Panchovillaville or Teguchigalpa with their outlaw parents. If you move to Peoria, you take your kids, right? What's the problem?

P.S. the Ambassador of FuhtBuhtistan's spawn that is born here isn't a US citizen, either.

And go ahead, make my day: you're going to tell me I'm not a Christian.


To T. Shaw,
Whether you're a Christian or not is a judgment of God.

I will say, however, it's hard to imagine any of our Saints writing what you did. I think of St. Francis, Blessed Mother Teresa and right on down the list.


What do you do with the children of illegal squatters? Pass a Constitutional Amendment that denies automatic citizenship to the children of illegal aliens who are born here.


Yesterday I decided to save money on cab fare and took a bus to a doctor's appointment. The driver, one old woman and I were the only Americans on board. I was in Virginia. Call me whatever you want but something is out of whack here.

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