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Saturday, March 10, 2007


Andrew W

The link provided to the document provided takes me to google's gmail, so I don't think it is working.

I have heard before that this is one of the most common sins confessed by men these days. Given the prevalence of the material on the internet and television, some citing it as a major reason for the growth of the internet infrastructure and high-speed bandwidth connections during the 90's, it is understood why. It is a powerful tool of satan for sure. I welcome more documents like this.


The link has been fixed.




I suggest that pornography is today the number one means of family destruction. Unfortunately, I speak from experience. The quickest way for a husband to kill his wife's spirit and traumatize his children is to store and view pornography. How odd that psychology calls pornography not only healthy, but a "means to marital enhancement" that every good wife should support.
Thank you for the prayer. It's beautiful.

James M. Essig

It is a shame that more woman to not look up to the Blessed Virgin Mary as the greatest created person.

In some of Her Church approved apparitions, she mentions her title as the Queen of the Universe. In the alleged apparitions of Mary at Medjugorie, she refers to Herself as the Queen of the Cosmos, the Queen of all Creation, the Queen of everything not God, according to an interview with one of the visionaries. She loves God’s creation so much that it has been stated that She wants to be the Mother of all Creation. In one of Her apparition, I believe but I am not sure, she stated as her strong desire to become all the more fully, Mother of all Creation. We can give a special favor to Our Lady by praying to God for this desire of Hers to be fully realized.

We should not shrink from adhering to the belief that the BVM is indeed the Queen of the Universe. If she is the Queen of Heaven and the Queen of the Angels, with are much higher levels of reality than the physical cosmos or bodily beings respectively, we can be sure that she is the Queen of everything not God.

Woman ought to take pride that the greatest human person, indeed, the greatest created person, is a woman. Her purity, modesty, and beauty ought to inspire all woman to model their life after her.

Our Lady, is not only the Queen of the Cosmos, she is the Mother of God in a very real way. She is also our Mother.

For those who are looking for maternal parental love that only a Mother can give, either because of estranged relations with their biological or adoptive mothers, and for guys with strained or unmet needs of acceptance or approval from members of the opposite sex or who have been hurt by close relationships with woman gone bad, realize that the Mother of God is also your Mother also. She respects each and everyone of us as unique individuals and loves us with a love beyond all telling as unique individuals as we are.

In her multitude of apparitions over the past several centuries, both Church approved ones and those that have not had official endorsement of the Vatican or the local Bishop, she often has appeared crying to the persons she has appeared to over what we as humanity are doing to ourselves, both on an individual and society wide basis. If a Mother who has been exalted far above all other creatures by grace to the throne of Her Divine Son can appear crying profusely at times because she is saddened by what our sins are doing to ourselves and our civilization, even though she beholds the face of God in the Glory of the Beatific Vision with the fullness of being Full of Grace, you, myself, in fact all of us can be assured of Her incredible love for us and yes, each one of us as an individual on an individual basis.

For all woman, whether you are called to the married life, the single life, the life as a consecrated virgin, or the life as a religious such as a Nun, and for all of you woman who have been the subject of abuse, intimidation, or domination by members of the opposite sex, realize that Our Lady understands what you are going through perfectly. Take some solace in the fact that the greatest human person, indeed, the greatest created person is a Woman. Take pride in this fact and realize that the Mother of God is not a man, but is a woman and that the Mother of God can, by definition, only be a woman.

Having trouble living up to Christian ideals, whether you are a Man or a Woman, Boy or Girl, ask Mary for help. She will intercede for You before the Throne of God as only a Mother can.

May the Good Lord bring You all into the fullness of His Presence.



Rosie Davis

"Compass ABC TV Australia" the program was, Sex Education in Schools.
It discussed , how & what sex education could be, showing the model in several schools.
About pornography & self stimulation the male catholic teacher said ...
"do not denigrate yourselves you are better than that,"
I felt this was a lost opportunity to explain that:
Pornography is not real sex, it is a fiction, & it can never be achieved, no matter how hard you try.
" Take 1:...ACTION... cut, cut...:" "Take 2:...ACTION... cut, cut...: "Take 3:...ACTION... cut, cut...:" & so on.
Not very inspiring in real life...
Yet how many viewer of the stuff are inspired into believing that it is real sex only to find it unachievable?
This of course messes with ones head & may cause one to come to believe that they are, "less than" in that department... "deficient", "unable", "dysfunctional",
ie; loss of self esteem & confidence which may actually lead to (you know it)
....& now it's going to cost you $$$$$$ not to mention your real sexual relationship :
The human body & mind is a "BIT" delicate especially down there, the BRAVADO stories told about performance are mostly....
....& practice makes perfect, & usually a caring, long term partner is best for a good out come.


I agree.
Our culture is overly sexualized,addicted to a pornographic interpretation of the act;and unrealistic in it's demands and attitude towards physical relationships,when the spritual side of things has been either ignored outright,or deliberately quashed by the secularism of these times.
It's been cheapened to the lowest level possible and made into a commodity.
Sex has become what a lot of people always feared it would be.
Dirty,and with no redeeming value.
If you think this is an overreaction,just look at the statistics regarding marriages and relationships that have been destroyed by either sex-addiction,or by a taste for hardcore pornography.
The problem is by now quite an epidemic.


Rosie Davis

In part I agree with Dominic, &......
We live in a world where "The Push" from all things is so strong. We learn from our surroundings & comply or not according to our style/personality to the best of our ability...Blending In/Going With The Flow, even rebels fit in to their type sets.
The power of TV & Advertising "propaganda" is so undermining to our sense of what it is "TO BE", but not just that, peer pressure, & it has it's "POWER" when people don"t know the "REALITY & TRUTH" of anything/everything.
Education is "VITAL" for understanding our selves, & confidence in who & what we are, or we are at the mercy of any & all crooks & shysters & they can smell you coming......
In days of yore there was The Marquis de Sade...1740-1814 & Pauline Reage...The Story of O... People could not read in these days yet look at how popular this stuff was.
PEOPLE LOVE FREAKS, weird & scary & they also have a thirst for Knowledge which society quenches with trash......
The breakdown of relationships has a lot to do with unrealistic (FICTION) expectations of ourselves & our partner & friends fueled by romantic nonsense instead of mutual respect & tolerance.
Trying to run a marathon in high heels.....
Christopher Hitchen tells how one morning, thinking he would have some quality time with his father at breakfast went to the kitchen, upon seeing him, his father said something like " we'll be having family prayers next," & Christopher took off, it was his dads quiet & alone time.
We are lost in space & yet we have the were-with-all to impart the true nature of things and change us.

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