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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Michael Q

I don't believe they are paid for their show televised on EWTN and I would be hard pressed to think they would be as popular a ministry today had not EWTN made them so. With that being said, I hope they are better teachers of the Word than accountants, it would be sad if this was done for the cold hard cash. If St. Paul where alive today and he had their ministry, what would he have done?


As far as I know EWTN does not charge any cable companies for their channel -- I think EWTN would benefit a great deal if a selection of many of their shows were put on YouTube.

The question is -- what do the actual show creators think? What do Bob and Penny Lord think? Are they even familiar enough with the Internet to make the right decision? Has anyone asked them? Should perhaps you or I?

Brother Joseph

Dear Family:
We are in receipt of your e-mails regarding the posting of clips from our videos on YouTube. Sue, you were right. It is an infringement on copyright laws and theft of our personal property. Basically, it’s a federal offense.
However, it’s a lot more than that. We are in the ministry of evangelization, and we want our material to be seen everywhere, not necessarily on YouTube, but not excluding YouTube or MySpace.
It’s a matter of control of who uses our material, and how it’s used. Once we allow any part of our material to be on what is in effect, a public access network, can we stop anyone else from using whatever part they want for whatever purpose they have?
Let me give you an example.
In the 1940’s, in Italy, educational films were made on the various Sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Confession. Cultists and pornographers took clips of these films and incorporated them into vile, disgusting pornographic and satanic films. It was a scandal and a disgrace.
When we asked the custodians of the shrines permission to make our series on the Miracles of the Eucharist, we were allowed to do so because they trusted us not to let the material get into the wrong hands. We have honored that trust over the years.
Another example
There are popular channels on Cable TV that make documentaries about religious subjects. Most of them are not kind to the Catholic Church. They approached us to rent footage from us on various Saints whose bodies were incorrupt. And we have that footage. We know that they might not necessarily use them in a manner respectful to the Saints or the Church. We agreed to donate the material if we could have final approval of the script. We were turned down flat.
As much as we would love to have our material being viewed by the whole world, we can’t want it so much that we would be willing to compromise the Saint, the Miracle or most importantly; Our Lord Jesus.
We pray that you understand, and keep us in your prayers.

Disappointed with Bob & Penny Lord

Dear Bob, Penny, and Brother,

Anyone can buy one of your videos and do the things you describe.

Anyone can tape your videos off of EWTN and do the things you describe.

By not posting the videos, you seem unaware of the good that can be done. The possible evil you claim as a reason, i.e., the videos being used for evil purposes, didn't prevent you from making your videos and DVD's and selling them.

YouTube didn't exist until a few years ago; neither did MySpace, but the video blasphemies you described were done using older technology (from the 1940's even) that existed when you made your videos and sold them. Why do you claim the reason you give holds water now, when based on your logic, such reasons should have prevented you from making and selling your videos at all, much less broadcasting them on a free cable television channel (EWTN)?

It seems you, like many people, are slow to recognize the value of technology.

If you post the videos yourselves, you'll have control. If you see clips used for blasphemy, you can have them pulled, as you did with the ones that were once on YouTube. You can also report such things as offensive on YouTube, and they'll be yanked.


looks like is giving a Christian replacement for YOuTUbe, i had many things on YouTube but it became so vile, and overwhelming.
GodTube is run by Protestant-Baptists-, but if you put Catholic, in a search, we are growing, good for possible Evangelization?
pax et bonum.

mary mayhew

Hi Penny and Bob,
Thank you so much for all your work bringing God to us all!! I just watched Maria Goretti's story and it touched me deeply!! Thank you so much!! God Bless YOU!!

Barry Cole

Dear Bob and Penny,
I have enjoyed your videos for years, especially those pertaining to the Eucharistic Miracles. My cousin's daughter recently honeymooned in Italy. The couple's trip included a stop in Sienna. I told them they had to visit the Eucharistic Miracle shrine whle there. They were not aware of it. I have studied the Eucharistic Miracles, but your videos enabled me to tell James and Julie the details, and they were excited to make the pilgrimage.
During the 8:00am broadcast of Mass on EWTN today, Father mentioned your 50th wedding anniversary celebration this weekend. Congratulation. Thank you for setting such a wonderful example of fidelity to each other, the Church and to God. May your apostolate continue for generations through worthy successors.
With gratitude and love, in Jesus, through Mary,
Barry Cole

Denise Bilodeau

Does anyone know the artist that painted the picture seen on the cover of the book This is My Body, This is My Blood by Penny and Bob Lord? Thank you. My son is doing a project on these Miracles and he needs to discover the artist of this wonderful picture.

Seek sound advice?

Perhaps the Lords should consider having a blog site like Father Corapi and then whenever anyone used a search engine to find information on miracles they would find them?
I am sure there are devout Catholis techno whizes out there who could give them sound advice and recommendations as to the wisest course of action?
I admire their work and bless them for bringing us greater knowledge of our saints.


Dear Bob & Penny, the devil must be trying hard to stop the good your programs are doing. That's a good sign something great is happening. Keep up the good work of spreading God's message in your tapes. God help you to make the right decision.

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