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Wednesday, March 21, 2007



After 30 years, we managed to clean up Times Square, but pornographied the whole nation.

1/2 of our teenagers now have unfettered access to hardcore and deviant pornography. 1/4 of teenage boys are addicted to such. Even if you protect your kids from such, half of the kids they go to school with are into it.

In our Confirmation prep group, it would be my honest guess that 2 or 3 of the boys are heavily into it.

We are destroying society with this.



Oh yeah, - haven't heard a priest mention pornogaphy once in a homily - in all my forty-some years.

The whole country is being pornographied, and all we get is - silence.

So - one priest spoke out. Big deal. We're supposed to laud him for doing what all priests are supposed to be doing? Parents are horrified; the priests do nothing.

The Church in the U.S. is a sickly shadow of what it is meant to be.


Jeff Miller

Check out what Archbishop Chaput had to say on pornography today.


The whole American Catholic Church should be mobilized in the fight against pornography. The USCCB should be fighting for laws which prohibit it; every priest in every parish should be speaking about it frequently and consistently and forcefully; every priest should be letting our young ones know how bad it is for one and for society, and help them to stay away from it. There should be handouts in every church for teens and adults on the topic of pornography. Churches should be helping and suggesting to parents how to block putrid TV channels and internet filth. All Catholic schools should be addressing the issue.

Heck, we live in a country where one major branch of government tells us that virtual CHILD pornography is 'free speech,', and where the other accepts millions of dollars from the pornography industry.

Then of course - we have a church where huge numbers of the priests are involved in their own sexual perversions and sin.

Parents are left to fend for themselves today - by the government AND by the Church and its priests.


roger h.

Somewhat of a coincidence you should post this Thomistic as next month the St. Thomas More Society of Orange County is sponsoring a 3 hour seminar for men on understanding and overcoming pornography.

More details about the event can be found on the St. Thomas More website.

Qualis Rex

I am the first to say that Pornography warps the mind and corrupts the soul. I see no value in it whatsoever. Yet at the same time I feel there are FAR GREATER ISSUES within the church and society which need to be addressed. In other words, I see pornography as a RESULT of these ills, not a cause of them.


A good website for those who struggle, or who know someone who struggles with 'addiction' to pornography is:

It is from a Catholic perspective.

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