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Monday, March 12, 2007



The clergy should clean up their own back yard. They are far from doing so, and still deserve the backlash. I'm with Sean on this one.


Does the fact that some(not all) of the clergy have major issues change the fact that Hannity is a public dissenter of Catholic teaching? This priest was actually doing his job as a priest, and that ought not to be criticized.
Besides which, he's absolutely right. Hannity doesn't understand the issue, or he would never say "contraception of abortion".


Hannity has taken the opportunity before to publicly state that he has no problem with birth control. He also is known to allow exceptions in the case of rape and incest. Is he a Roman Catholic or a Bush Catholic? It seems that he is more interested in his political agenda and tv ratings than fairness in reporting on Catholic teaching.

Why not let Fr. Euteneuer explain the facts on the relationship between abortion and contraception. He did not let him get a word in. He called Father judgmental, used the sex scandal against him, suggested he is unaware of the reality of non-believers... there was no discussion even possible, just rhetoric of the kind usually coming from pro-choice types.

Hannity's problem runs deep on less controversial abortion debates, atleast in Catholic circles. Hannity has expressed belief in an ethical distinction between those who choose to enter into sexual relations and those who don't choose, ie. rape victims. Ultimately, he is pro-choice, if you do not choose to have sex and thus do not make an informed choice to accept the possibility of pegnancy then you can choose to abort the baby. Hannity puts the choice ahead of pregnancy, a better starting point but philosophically still allows abortion where choice is compromised. Think about the possible effects such an exception, if the health of the mother can be stretched imagine how many people can claim date rape... Perhaps it would be wise to emphasize Hannity's poor overal stance on the issue.

I hope to see more challenges to Hannity.

Michael Q

jeffersonranch, "clergy clean up there own backyard" Not unlike Hannity, your statement does not even deal with the issue Euteneuer was asked to be on HC. Maybe the Church should just close their doors to everyone for the next few years until it can finally end their issues? Hannity could not deal with the issue and instead decided to go on and attack the priest and the Church, only to satisfy himself and his heretical beliefs, and luckily for Hannity there are those out there that made some sense out of his silly embarrassment.


I will back the priest when he has the courage to attack the bishops and help clean the mess. Catholic priests should be critical of what has happened to the church and not rest until it changes or could that be job security standing in the way. Hannity is chump change in the overall debate. I submit most bishops are in agreement with Hannity. Mahony comes to mind. Closing the doors may not be a bad idea.


Isn't abortion as great a church scandal as the sex abuse scandal. Far too many chidren killed by the abortion scandal - which is largely a lay scandal - think about the Kennedy's, Kerry, many Catholic democrats (and republicans in smaller numbers), and now Hannity. Contraception is an abortifacient and Hannity's stance on abortion is essentially pro-choice. Maybe we can do our best to address both scandals. Why turn our back on the unborn in the public forum? That would be nonsense. It is our responsibility to create laws and policy on abortion and preventative measures and we should be held accountable for our words and actions.


How many bishops and priest would refuse communion to a pro choice politician.


Fr. Euteneuer and our bishop here in St. Louis to start.


I sent the Father a congrads and Hannity a thumbs down as a Cafeteria Catholic. He was shameful for going after the priest and he was not being judged by the priest, just being reminded of his place as a public figure and if he does not have the guts not to eat meat on Fridays during lent which I dont do for all 52 fridays, then so be it. It is a means of atonement, but Hannity does not even know that. He claims he went to seminary and knows Latin, but then says he is for birth control for those that are not Catholic instead of abortion. When the father said that none is acceptable, Hannity tried to compare the rhythm and NFP to condoms and the pill! I used to watch him but he is a big bully hypocrite

Now I do agree that the abuse scandal is horrible but with more priests like the Father, then maybe this eclipse that is taking place right now, this punishment for reforming the church will be over. One must start somewhere and offer men like this priest encouragment

Michael Q

The issue was the Church's position on contraception vs. Hannity's cafeteria position, not priestly abuse, Hannity's (un)knowledge of Latin or his attendance at a seminary, which by the way is no guarantee to the honors of becoming a saint. Hannity instead of dealing with the issue at hand, changed the issue and went into attack mode and began dumbing down his audience, so as not to see that he proclaims a heresy and proclaims it proudly at that, as if his intentions are noble and the church just doesn't get it. Luther, Calvin, Mahoney, Hannity only a few of the worlds great heretics. OK, maybe stretching it on the last sentence.


Hannity needs to know that the priest WAS addressing significant scandals in the church (cafeteria catholicism & public dissension of Catholic doctrine), just not the scandal he was thinking about (clergy abuse).

People want their cake and eat it too. They want to be Catholic AND eat steak/pork on Lenten Fridays; they want no one to deny them communion AND they want to use birth control and allow abortion; they want a holy priesthood AND they don't want to be accountable to them. Wow! What a world we'd have--absolutely all you want with NONE of the responsibilities: America's biggest challenge.

My gratitude goes to the priest who did not appear to relish the public confrontation with Hannity, but it had to be done. It's too bad the pastor from Hannity's home parish didn't do it in a more private setting. But alas, that would have offended Hannity too, presumably.


What also has not been mentioned is the nature of the Hannity's argument. If he knows Latin, perhaps he knows the words ad hominum?


Here's my letter to Sean:


I loved this comment from Fr. Euteneuer's reply to the Fox analyst priest (Fr. Morris).

"As a seminary rector, I would sincerely hope that you are not teaching by word or example the young men in your charge to be politically correct sissies who are afraid to roll up their sleeves and defend the Church in private and in public."

Rock on, Fr. Euteneuer!


hannity reminded me of cafeteria catholics like joe kennedy: when the church reminds them that they are out-of-step with her teaching, all they can think to do is bring up the scandal, again and again and again. and how can another--legionary, no less: supposedly the uber-orthodox of the NO--priest defend this?

Pius V

Wow. I hadn't seen that clip, but Hannity really embarrassed himself. He was so angry and defensive as to be unreceptive to Fr. Euteneuer.

Having seen this clip, now I have a different take on Fr. Morris. I think he's being stupid like a fox. He understands that Sean is too defensive when confronted head-on, so he comes at him sideways. His letter to Sean did not attack Fr. Euteneuer's substance, only his style, as though he's trying to get through to Sean through a different method.

And that, folks, is consistent with the old time Jesuits, who lived among the unbelievers and pagans and patiently, patiently, patiently worked to win them over gradually.

I see nothing offensive about Fr. Euteneuer's candor and directness, but don't be too hard on Fr. Morris. They are both working on the same issue. Hopefully one will be successful.


Sean Hannity looks like a complete moron. But what's new about that?


I read Fr.Tom's letter. I think the one thing he should have left out was his request to be on Sean's show. He would never have had time to debate the point he was trying to make and he made a point showing of it. He should have quoted documents and Church tradition. Mr.Hannity was never going to let him do this. Calling him a heretic was a poor debating tactic which led to Sean's counter attack about scandals and Fr.Tom's personal interventions. I think the two of them could have discussed the points made in Fr.Tom's letter and allowed for Sean to make his. I think Fr.Tom fell victim to a typical debaters tactic: change the subject and attack the person.


Hahahaha.. I have never laughed so hard in my life.. Good times...

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