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Sunday, October 14, 2007



Monsignor Stenico says he doesn’t feel that he is sinning when he engages in sex with homosexual men, and he’s in the Congregation for Clergy, the office that oversees priestly conduct. Never mind that the Church teaches that homosexual activity is a sin and, as a priest, he’s required to be celibate.

No wonder the Church seems to wink and ignore the vast homosexual network in the American Church, and the West Coast Lavender Mafia in particular. Here’s proof that homosexuals have infiltrated the Congregation for Clergy in the Vatican. At least one priest in that congregation doesn’t have a problem with gay sex and, in fact, admittedly engages in it himself.

The problem that the laity against gaiety among our supposedly celibate priests confronts is much like a citizen going into a police precinct station to report a crime and finding the crook there behind the counter.


He who sups with the devil needs a long spoon ........ . He has filed a defence, however daft, we should await the result of Vatican enquiries.


Finally "superiors" in the Congregation for the Clergy responded appropriately.
- we hope.

Atlanta Catholic

Catholic Crusader,

I could not have said it better. Can you imagine the daring evil arrogance that allowed this disordered priest to pull such a stupid stunt. This priest was so cavalier about this escapade because he had gone unchallenged for years. Meanwhile, the devil reeled this priest right into a snare. This priest will need more prayers than ever because the devil will now throw him away. This priest might be tempted to despair like Judas.

I find it difficult to believe that absolutely no one noticed this behavior in the past. I can only imagine all the damage and lies that he perpetrated on his climb up the ladder of honor. How many souls were wrongly influenced or destroyed by his example. How many more are there, who are calling the shots of good priestly conduct?

Hopefully, the Vatican will act just as swiftly on other homosexual clergy that are living a double life. Michael Rose's book, "Goodbye Good Men" was an accurate eye opener to the clergy's infestation of homosexuality. This issue needs correction. A good start would be to remove Archbishop Niederauer. Publicly supporting this evil is just as evil as living it.


Too many scandals. Too many homosexual/sinful priests and bishops. No wonder most faithfuls are confused and poorly formed.

Where are the shepherds and holy priests?


A Simple Sinner

"I find it difficult to believe that absolutely no one noticed this behavior in the past. I can only imagine all the damage and lies that he perpetrated on his climb up the ladder of honor. How many souls were wrongly influenced or destroyed by his example. How many more are there, who are calling the shots of good priestly conduct? "

The effete priest in the corner is the 800 pound gorilla in the rectory living room...

I knew a guy in the seminary like this - mannerisms direct out of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy"... But no one had the balls or inclination to say anything to a guy who listened to ABBA and sang show tunes...

No one wanted to say anything - no matter how obvious the mannerisms. He went on to be ordained and served for about 7 years, then moved out of the rectory and was not heard from again. I don't know what happened to him - I can guess.

Ostrich syndrome perhaps?

Lastest news... He claims his actions were a ministorial ploy to engage gay people in religious dialogue.... I don't think it's going to fly, but if it is true, I hope he is vindicated.

Mona Alona

Sex, lies and videotape: turmoil at the Vatican

· Official secretly filmed propositioning young man
· Bureaucrat claims he was investigating satanist plot,,2191311,00.html


This conduct has been going on for who knows how long - even in the highest level of the Vatican. What makes this case unique is that the "superiors" could not possibly look the other way anymore simply because it was all caught on tape. How sad that the same Holy Father who courageously allowed the traditional Mass through his Motu Proprio is not courageous enough to do something about the corrupt shepherds that continue to bring shame to the Bride of Christ. Let us continue to pray that the Lord will send worthy workers into his vineyard.

A Simple Sinner

About the only thing we really can do is pray.

Those prayers do NOT just float up into the air and disappear like cigarette smoke. They are heard. They are answered.

Around the world - especially in Asia and Africa - vocations are on the rise. Here in America, the "Last men standing" will be the young, healthy, well adjusted men that are filling up the orthodox seminaries. The days of the heterodox are numbered - they are aging, they are greying.

When these guys retire, there are plenty of FSSP, Norbetine, Franciscans etc waiting in the wings to come in and clean house. We need to be praying for them and supporting them - they are our future to be sure.

I have written about what is going on elsewhere and posted it before: Counting Blessings Every few months I have to update this article and add more info to it - the groups that are healthy, good, orthodox and loyal to Rome are on the rise. Every day I find out more good news about the young guys.

This year the Josepinum has 75 college seminarians. 5 years ago they had 40. I have met some of these kids - well adjusted, healthy young men. Not effete or dissident, they like sports, fix cars, and love Holy Mother Church - they are the JP2 kids... And they are also, no suprises here, very interested, by and large, in learning about the extraordinairy form.

The same is true about any number of other seminaries. For more info, check in regularly with

We could spend a lot of time cursing the dark, or start lighting some candles. I am not a fan of play osterich here - I am not saying it can just be ignored. But time and time again we come to a point where we realize that there is so very precious little we can do to stop all this. Our best bet is to support the good that we can.

I firmly believe that the support given to the good growing orders today - praying the rosary, donating money, volunteering, steering young men to them - will pay off. We just won't know it until we get to Heaven one day... It will go something like this:

"Thank you, your donations made my studies possible. Thank you, I met a priest you supported, and became a priest myself. Thank you, you helped to support the priest that brought me to the faith... that baptized my children... that taught me the faith and helped my husband and I to understand the value of one more soul... that came to me in my final hour and heard my confession and gave me last rites..."

So pray about it, and pray that good and holy priests are sent to us. We will get the priests we ask for.

I used to bank with an institution that had free online-bill pay. When I got paid, so did the FSSP.

BELIEVE ME, it was not much at all (it shames me to admit I spent more on smokes than I did on supporting the semiarians!)... But if you consider the net effect of even 100 people sending $7.00 every two weeks, that is $28K a year. That pays for four men to study, or gives 8 men half-scholarships...
100 people sending $20 every two weeks on pay day is $52,000.

1000 people sending $10 every two weeks on pay day (if you are paid bi-weekly) equals $260,000 - more than quarter of a million! After a decade, that adds up to $2,600,000. $2.6M!

The Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter
North American Headquarters
Griffin Rd, PO Box 196
Elmhurst, PA 18416

You can also arrange to make a monthly donation to the Fraternity by automatic transfer through your bank. To take advantage of this program, just print out the PDF that you can get here and return it to the Fraternity at the address listed on the form, along with a voided personal check.

I am as embarassed of this garbage as the next Catholic, believe me. But - especially in light of WHO has been reading our complaints in Rome - I am left without much hope that we have better option that to support the GOOD GUYS right now...

Mona Alona

See the La7 documentary here:

musette buckley

Check out for TRADITIONAL CATHOLICISM.....noo scandals ....all Pre-VaticanII.m


There are rumors that the pope is planning to lift the excommunications on the SSPX bishops.


I should clarify something. The SSPX bishops were not formally excommunicated. It may be a matter of sorting out their status.

A Simple Sinner

"Check out for TRADITIONAL CATHOLICISM.....noo scandals ....all Pre-VaticanII.m"

How is the weather in fantasy land? Hundreds of SSPX priests have left of been defrocked. The idea that they are without scandal is ludicrous.


The incidents of homosexuality is much less within the Traditional ranks. The priesthood became a haven for homosexuals in the late 1950's and up until the 1980's. The church wanted a liberal priesthood that would condone guitar strummin nuns and female ordination and the gays came in droves. Unfettered access to young boys to boot with an heirarchy that would protect you and keep you immune from San Quentin no matter how horrible the crime. What a deal!

Mona Alona

The link to the original tv program can be found here

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