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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


David Whalen

Yes, one thought comes to mind:


Atlanta Catholic


Please Pope Benedict....Discipline and remove these dissenters who either agree with this abomination to the Church or lack the fortitude to be a leader of the Church! The faithful are ready for some "Spring Cleaning" of our house, so that we may enter into the new "Springtime" of the Church! Please shake out all of the old rugs and then we will wipe the dust from our feet.


I wonder what Levada (CDF) will do.


Atlanta Catholic:

You’re right. I think we really need a big-time housecleaning in the Church on the West Coast. And when they pick up those rugs to shake them, people might be pretty surprised at what comes scurrying out from underneath. Especially the rainbow rugs and the ones in various shades of lavender.


Every one of you posting your outrage here have the weapon of the rosary to fight this blasphemy - who will join me in saying at least a decade of the rosary for this intention?


This is blasphemous and sickening. I will say at least a decade of the rosary with you for this intention dmedici.


This is blasphemous and sickening. I will say at least a decade of the rosary with you for this intention dmedici.


I pray the Rosary daily, and I pray daily for this intention. I'm with you!


Didn't Christ warn us, "By their fruits ye shall know them"?

Sorry, couldn't resist.


Didn't Christ warn us, "By their fruits ye shall know them."

Sorry, couldn't resist.


On a more serious note, everyone keeps pig piling on the archbishop (and with good reason) but what about the ushers at this church?

When I was a Pentecostal I served as an usher and it was impressed on me that as the church's doorkeeper I was charged with weeding out any possible troublemakers.

Please don't tell me that never happened in a Catholic church. I recall as a kid in the 60's more than one woman in a miniskirt was turned away from the doors of our church. That was years before I left so there is a precedent for that thinking amongst Catholics also.

And if the "sisters" managed to sneak by the doors, shouldn't they have been caught when the ushers started bringing the congregation to receive the Eucharist?

Thinking along these lines I understand how the archbishop could have been blindsided by this. That doesn't excuse his own actions at all. He should never have done more than give a blessing. Period.

But it seems there's plenty of blame to spread around in this.



I also raised that issue (about the ushers). However, after reading more about the incident, I learned that the church is in the Castro District of San Francisco. The ushers are probably homosexuals.


Thanks to those of you praying the rosaries with me. None of these people from the Bishop on down are the enemy - just misguided. Through your prayers they can be redirected toward Christ again. Imagine if their efforts were used to promote Christ instead of mock Him. Let's get this crowd back. Another decade, anyone?


I shall join in the Rosary Intention. 1 Word excommunication!


If these people want to receive communion....I say let them. Let's see how God feels about their behavior in the next life.


Archbishop Niederauer said afterwards that he did not recognize these women as members of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

He explained this and apologized for his mistake.


When I wrote the previous post, I was not aware of the beliefs of some that Niederauer is soft on homosexual adoption, defended a priest perp and gives Communion to pro-abortion Nancy Pelosi.

If these are facts, why doesn't the Pope defrock him and all Catholic priests who hold views antithetical to church teaching?

When the Pope tolerates heresies, on what basis do people remain Catholic? I'd like to hear a logical reason.


Now that we are all on our sanctimonious self righteous horses, can we have the ushers at our churches ask all parents with less than three or four kids to leave, as they cannot be practicing church sanctioned contraceptive practices. Also those that are single parents, divorcees, and those that have had abortions in the past. And then we can move onto those that have been unfaithful to their spouse or have had pre marital sex. All I think are up there with homosexuality on the list of sins......

"Let he who has never sinned, cast the first stone"...

Atlanta Catholic

Nice distraction Mary. Do you realize that you have received poor catechisis? Your response is epidemic and no one is fond of the disease of ignorance. This is not meant to criticize. Our Lord said that "My people perish for lack of knowledge!" No one said that people with same sex attraction are forbidden or not wanted at Mass. Mass is for Adoration, Prayers, Petitions,(to God not petitions that announce our sinful struggles. That is done privately in confession) Holy Communion and Thanksgiving. We'd be busy reading a bunch of interesting details at Mass if what you just said made sense. The problem with your analogy is that the adulterers are not wearing a Tee Shirt with their lover's face on it, and words that say "My way...not my spouse's way"! The pre-marital sex group does not wave a banner and say...."Pre-marital and were proud"! The contracepting Catholics don't carry a sign saying Catholics for Contraception. Yes, Mary we are all sinners. We just believe that repentant sinners are not interested in banners and costumes for seeking attention during Holy Mass and encouraging sin. Other than that Mary, everyone is welcome!

"Let she with the first name of as obedient to Church Teachings as the role model she was named after"!

S. Schneiter

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a worlwide orginization. In the USA they have a non-profit status. While everyone agrees their behaviour is blasphemous . I would like to know who donates to them. I intend to find out. I will not support any company
that donates to them, elect anyone who donates to them. And I will be sure to let each company, candidate or employer no why.
I think the church should make this information available. I know that Christ
asks we forgive. But does that mean we have to do business with people who openly mock our faith?

wandering through

ahh, brings back memories of my favorite part of mass as a child -- the reception afterwards!

mmmm, donuts...

The sisters of perpetual indulgence and the bishop knew exactly what was going on that day at mass! It's no suprise that the Bishop would feel so comfortable lying about his part in it. This is just another example of the diabolical, blasphemous masonic hold the devil has on the church today. The Rosary is the most powerfull tool to combat this. But you must pray for the conversion of RUSSIA!! It is also an example of the lack of graces that people are recieving from the new mass of Vatican II. No one has the strength to stand up for our Lord because there souls are weak and empty of the grace that would fortify it!

A Simple Sinner

"ahh, brings back memories of my favorite part of mass as a child -- the reception afterwards!

mmmm, donuts..."

Really, that says it all.


The part which wasn't reported is that the Most Holy Redeemer is in the Castro district and has mostly a gay clientele. That is why nobody batted an eye at this. Most people in the Castro are used to seeing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in the neighborhood. In fact, they are more accepted there than is the mainstream Catholic Church.


Is the dance routine posted above happening at the Church? I didn't follow the connection with the rest of the articles.

I have to believe that all that nonsense occurring IN the Church provided much of the satisfaction for those people. I can almost hear them say, "Can you believe we're doing this in here?" If that sails in SF, then they've already won there.

It's a question now of whether we Catholics allow that victory to stand.

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