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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Michigan Wolverine

Chris Matthews is at worst a horrid joke, and at best an entertainer, and a poor one at that.

Doesn't look like the current vote is going his way. I guess we'll see more complaining over the next few days.


Matthews ratings are less the 600,000 per show. At least half of his viewers are confind to prisons or mental institutions and are unable to access the remote control to change the channel to FOX. Matthews is a COIN - Catholic In Name Only.
I actually watched some of the MSNBC count down to no ratings on election night with my thirteen year old. I used the experience to show him why we are pro life Catholics. It was wonderful to know te tingle left Matthew's leg and went up mine. I thought Olberman was going to soil himself on national TV when he have to announce the pro abort Coakley lost to a REPUBLICAN. Did one Massachusetts bishop speak out about the 100 percent abortion Coakley, of curse not, because like some California bishops, ex. Fresno, they tow the party line and not the faith.


Matthews is a Catholic -bater on this one. It's sad to see a person so in love with evil--abortion, gays rights, etc--that he doesn't use the mind God gave him.

Ricky Newman

Such judgement and hate on this post. What has any of this got to do about the Gospels and the good work of the Catholic Church?

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