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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Jimbo (from The Pope Blog)

Amen! They are very ignorant indeed!


Yes know, like suggestions.

I Wolf is Channeling the Anglican Church there.

Karen Davis

Viva la Papa. We have a Holy Man for our times. There is a wave of conservatism across the world. People need to embrace it. This is a reaction to, as Pope Benedict might say, a reaction to the anarchy of the sixties. Thank God, the cardinals voted for this man.


Everytime I see polls from the mainstream media citing American Catholics beliefs are out of line with Church "guidelines", I just wonder how many are actually practicing Catholics. By the way, are these the same polls that show a majority of Americans are in favor of gay marriage? Was that the same majority that went to the voting booths in November and voted to approve all those ballot iniatives regarding the defense of marriage?


I agree with you about the Pope and the importance of being true to the teachings of Christ. However, I would encourage you to not refer to dissenters with unkind language, because that doesn't sound very Christlike and it does nothing to enhance the wonderful points you make otherwise.

Thank you for this wonderful blog.

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