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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Joseph D'Hippolito

If we're going to have a discussion about the papal elections, then let me humbly provide One Man's List Of Who Should Be Pope (gender, marital status and denominational affliation are ireelevant for my purposes):
1. Rod Dreher
2. Fr. James V. Schall
3. Fr. Thomas Doyle
4. Fr. Joseph Wilson
5. Dennis Prager
6. Bat Ye'or
7. Stephen Brady (of Roman Catholic Faithful)
8. Franklin Graham
9. Sandra Miesel
10. George Beverly Shea (no relation to Mark, thank God!)


Whoever is elected let's pray that it is God's will being accomplished and the Church (as a people) is brought into a closer relationship with the author and finisher of our faith, that is Jesus Christ.


It is time that the church stand up for its beliefs, based on its founder, our Lord Jesus Christ. We should not be concerned with what the world says, but rather what Jesus says. We should be living for God, not man. The world wants all things of God destroyed and we see much secularism present in our church today. As people of prayer we must come against these things daily and ask God to intervene in his church.

The church is in pain. There is much healing that needs to come if the church is to survive. I pray that through the election of our new pope, that there will be a new spiritual renewal in our church, and we will again experience a hunger for the living God and feel the joy of the Holy Spirit in all of our lives.

Arnaud David

Yes, the Church is in pain. However the healing process can start at the "pope's fan club", (


Evarist Joseph Ngwilizi Muhaya

As Roman Catholics, I believe we now have the leadership required to reclaim the church's fundamental teachings. We should ignore various waves of teachings that departs from the traditional approach of Catholicism.
God Bless Pope Benedict, 2008

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