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Wednesday, April 20, 2005



Magnificent homily. He sure doesn't sound like the fire-breathing madman the MSM has described . . . I cannot wait to read more of the homilies and encyclicals from this Holy Father.


If I were a cynic I would agree re MSM. Praise the risen Lord for this man. I am confident that the kingdom of God will be advanced and more people will come to a saving knowledge of Jesus through this man being elected. I also feel that some of the walls between the Catholic Church and Protestant will be knocked down. Pray they do not get rebuilt.


Speaking of ecumenism... did anyone notice that in his homily at the pre-conclave Mass, he used the phrase "cheap grace" which was coined by his fellow-countryman, the noted Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer? Who, by the way, was executed by the Nazis for refusing to go along with them. I believe Bonhoeffer used the phrase in his great book The Cost of Discipleship.

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