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Sunday, May 29, 2005



How about those Novus Ordo Clown Masses?

a "Clown Mass" that took place in Pleasant Hill, California. ... successfully introduced by the revolutionaries into the Novus Ordo Mass because ...

Ex-NO and SSPX supporter (no clown masses for us!)


Dang! Look at that woman with the cymbals and the horns in the second row. Does she really look happy? Is the Holy Spirit filling her with joy? Perhaps this Clown Liturgy is just too restrained for her tastes!

Roger H.

Looks like that clown in the picture is using a pizza crust. Delivery or DiGirono?


How absolutely sad. In such a lovely old church with a cemetery next door. The dead must be turning in their graves.


Please pray for Catholics to have the courage to speak out against this travesty that is happening in Catholic Churches all over. Here below is a picture of another Catholic Clown Mass.


That picture is disturbing. But when I had to go through a two-year high-school-aged confirmation program at my parish, we did have a "clown para-liturgy" once. It wasn't a Mass. It was an actually entertaining Thursday evening. The clowns acted on the theme of forgiveness.


At least this "clown Mass" is probably not as weird as the "Rave Masses" associated with former San Francisco Bay area Dominican turned Episcopalian priest, Matthew Fox, and his "Creation Spirituality" movement. (Your typical rave is an underground all-night party with wild dancing and drugs.) Lee Penn reported: "Each month, more than 1,200 people attend Fox's 'Techno Cosmic Mass,' held in a former ballroom in Oakland, California..."

Joe Odegard

Beyond belief. Not reverent at all. Not what I would go to, and I suspect that hardly anyone else would want to go there either. Are these people crazy?


There is nothing joyful, happy or entertaining about these clowns.
I see blasphomy and sarcasim.
How sad and depressing!
Pray for the Church and it's Truth.


Yeah, I prefer my mass sayers to wear frilly dresses and moan in Latin.

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