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Thursday, May 05, 2005


The King's Daughter

Finally, someone states the obvious - and it's an Archbishop!


Flynn is hardly courageous.


The Archbishop's name is "Harry" J. Flynn


Doh! Thanks!

Ed Murphy

I seriously doubt that the same Jesus who ate at table with "sinners" would deny homosexual Catholics entry to the Eucharistic Table. This country and its religious right wing is going down the tubes of strict, conservatism. I am ashamed to call myself a Catholic after reading how these gay people were treated in church. Instead of welcoming those who have no choice in their sexual orientation, these faux-Catholics turned them away. Shame.


Ed Murphy: Yours is a disingenuous response, at best. As you should no, the Church denies Communion to no one based on their sexual orientation. The Chruch considers homosexual oprientation to be disordered, but not sinful.

Christ ate with sinners, but he was always calling them to repent and turn from sin. He never said this was easy. As we are all sinners, all of us know how difficult a road this can be -- especially for someone with a homosexual orientation.

We ought to be compassionate, but that doesn't mean Church doctrine should be tossed aside for the sake of those who want it to reflect their preferences.


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The gay and lesbian movement has not been the aggressor in this battle in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict has supported in written and spoken statement the physical and emotional abuse of gay and lesbian people and those of us who are heterosexual but support our gay friends.

I understand archbishop Flynn is in a precarious situation and belive he has done the best he could with this situation. But he shouldn't be in a situation like this. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that sexual relations outside of a marriage is immoral - therefore it does not need to specifically persecute gay and lesbian people. That rule alone is all that need be stated. I am certain that many of the people who are extrordinally prejudicial against homosexuals have had sexual relations outside of marriage. That means they have commited the exact same sin that they are persecuting others for.

The worst part of this whole mess is that the same hierarchy who preaches that two men or women in a consensual relationship are evil, has at the same time protected and, in the case of Bernard Law, promoted priests who rape children and those that cover up the rapes. If that is not a double standard, I don't know what is. Physicians, heal thyselves!

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