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Sunday, May 22, 2005


Most of the St. Paul bishops are frustrated that many of these priests have a "traditional" background and have been putting many of them in non-pastoral positions. Unfortunately that is backfiring as older priests are rretiring and they're finding a need to fill those positions with these younger priests.
Another reason is a trend that has been occuring recently: Conservative dioceses are showing an increase in vocations.
It almost amkes me want to live with my aunt adn uncle in St. Paul


The archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis is not a "traditional" or "conservative" diocese per se. There are plenty of liberal churches around and a few with a "traditional background" including St. Agnes Catholic Church in St. Paul, MN.

St. Agnes has produced a number of priests over the years with more in the pipeline.


As Kevin has noted, the archdiocese of St. Paul & Minneapolis is not a "traditional" or "conservative" diocese. If anything, Archbishop Flynn is a weak, politician-style bishop who wants to get along with everyone (everyone on the liberal side, that is), and has allowed serious abuses in the diocese to go unchecked. That he has encouraged vocations is not disputed, however, I think that reasons number one and two should not be underestimated, as certainly the example set by Flynn himself is hardly edifying.
By the way, Holy Family parish in St. Louis Park is also producing vocations. Not surprisingly, St. Agnes and Holy Family are both orthodox, faithful to the Magisterium.

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