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Tuesday, May 17, 2005



I saw the president of the Population Research Institute on EWTN recently. From what I recall, Italy and Spain have birth rates in the 1.1 or 1.2 range, where 2.1 is the rate necessary for a generation to 'replace itself'.

Some people feel the missing Europeans will be replaced by Muslim immigrants and their children.


Here's an article from the above mentioned institute:

Let's just say that Germany isn't the only country with a problem.


McO hit the nail on the head.

the paragraph from the article commenting on the french population is mis-leading, in the context of what the article is saying about the european population as a whole, and the german population in particular.
how's that for a run-on sentence????
the current muslim population of france is approx. 26%. that's why you see such a large % of polls taken in france being against anything american. this, of course, does not change the fact that the french are still french.
the problem the france has, is the muslims are not assimilating into french culture. the muslims want the french to assimilate into their culture. shari'a. what the article does state about the european birthrate is correct though, but only for european culture. the muslim culture is the reason for the birthrate explosion in france.


Ah yes, no time, going to college forever, not interested, no reliable mate, who needs the hassle, having too much fun.

Sounds like my life. But at this late date God has opened my eyes to see what really I have wasted. Takes a lotta booze and partying to be that blind for that long.

TM Lutas

The provisions of a vast welfare state require a constantly growing population. Anything that eliminates this, bloody war, massive plague, or a selfish desire for personal fun without thought to creating the next generation is guaranteed to cause a collapse of the system. This makes the current situation one where they are also being extremely childish.

Miriam Seshadri

It's not just because of a welfare state (although I agree that the prospect of having babies just so they can pay taxes is not very appealing). It's because our 'society' is based on unrelenting competition and there are few scruples about ethics or real commitment to communities anymore. A lot of young , let's say it, white people are perfectly well aware that the game is stacked against them massively and decide that they can barely look after themselves, let alone offspring. It is depressing that my husband received a much better education in his third world country than I did in my first. And it wasn't for lack of trying: we just had absolutely no money, either in my family or in the public education system. We did have a lot of books but a history degree doesn't get you very far :) All our teachers were depressed, all the blue collar/engineering work was being outsourced and it was made pretty clear to us that the white collar jobs were not for public school fodder like us. It's so much more tempting to just give up than to have more kids so some exhorbitantly paid executive can meet his profit expectations. The bigwigs think that increased religosity will increase the birthrate but I doubt it. Reformation of the deliberate policies of driving us all into massive debt would do much more to encourage young people to want to marry and have kids.


"Sounds like my life. But at this late date God has opened my eyes to see what really I have wasted. Takes a lotta booze and partying to be that blind for that long."


Hey Cassandra,

Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will exalt you.

No matter what or how much was wasted, turn yourself over to Him, and you will find all sorts of wonderful doorways and paths opening to you.

God bless.


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