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Thursday, May 05, 2005



These people do not enter the church in prayerful dignity.

What they did several years ago in St. Patrick's Cathedral in N.Y.C was shameful and obnoxious. Their antics included rushing upon the Holy Alter, grabbing handfuls of Communion Hosts, throwing the Hosts around, stepping upon them while laughing, shouting and otherwise occupied in their form of jovial behaviour.

People beware if this group is coming again to visit your church.


Scott W

The thing is is that wearing the Rainbow Sash is an overtly political act itself and a statement of defiance of Church teaching. The act of conspicuous self-identification is to expressly undercut the act of coming to the *Communion* table. In addition, to pass out rainbow lapel pins before Mass, as also has been done in the past, or to expect a tacit response from congregants in light of disruptive antics during the Mass, is a solicitation for remote cooperation, which seems scandalous to me. Come in prayerful dignity my foot.


What I don't understand is how prayerful can you be when you are openly identifying as a practicing unrepentant homosexual and then you go up with everyone else to communion!

Please tell me that priests have the right to refuse the Eucharist to such people.

Scott W

As I've posted (, not all bishops allow priests to refuse Communion.


Look north to Calgary, Canada, where Catholic Bishop Fred Henry denounced homosexuality from the pulpit in sermons, based on Bibilical quotes. Now, two Canadians have filed complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commision (who have adopted the U.N.s International Declaration of Human Rights)that this is prohibited "hate speech." Imagine--free exercise of speech and religion now being criminalized!!! against a Bishop no less. Folks, it is getting out of control. Time to fight back--HARD!


It is my hope that through teaching and strong leadership, we can finally begin to get a control on some of the dissent in the church that leads so many Catholics astray. I loved JP II, but often wondered why he did not step in to help more when these people were so open in their false teachings from positons of power in our Catholic Universities and with our Bishops, priests, and nuns. He did not seem to have the energy for this he did in ending the Communist rule in Poland.


Homosexuals who flaunt their lifestyle and openly disregard Catholic Church teaching should NOT be allowed in any Catholic Church and YET, many Bishops/priests are letting them think it's okay. This is wrong but what do you expect when the enemies of Christ have infiltrated the church:

Who's Been Changing The Inside of Roman Catholic Churches? And Why?

A Pictorial Comparison of the Altar/Sanctuary of pre-Vatican II Catholic churches with table/worship space in Masonic lodges, post Vatican II Novus Ordo "Catholic" churches, Anglican churches and the United Nations mediation room


Hello, I strongly recommend you to read this article:

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