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Sunday, May 15, 2005



From my understanding of things, there's also a rather high deathrate among aborted children, too, but I haven't seen any medical studies on THAT phenomenon!


And yet the "culture of death" pro-abortion left thinks it's "unconstitutional" for women contemplating abortion be given warnings about the complications of this procedure. In a world where every square inch of my car is covered with warning labels ... where the walls of the pool at my gym are so plastered with warnings that it looks like a wallpaper pattern ... where even the plastic bags that my cleaner puts around my shirts warn how the bag can kill me ... it's somehow "unconstitutional" to let women know all the risks and complications from this procedure.

Yup, put a warning that my swiming pool can cause drowning, but secret about the real, hidden risks of a highly invasive medical procedure (psychologically, as well as physically). How liberal.

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