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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Jeff Miller

All they have to do is drop the d and they can be the Arian sisters? Maybe they don't deny the divinity of Christ, most he is ignored in favor of the UN Earth Charter.

Fr. Totton

"I desire to become one among you in the Adrian Dominican Congregation — to cast my lot with you, in an ever-deepening God quest, standing at the prophetic edge of Church and society at this critical time in the history of the world and in the life of our precious, imperiled planet, Earth."

Nothing about the Blood of Christ (whose bride she presumably wishes to become). Some vague reference to the Divine "an ever-deepening God quest" - one might expect a Pythonian troop of horseless k-nighits, but at least they had style!

This is really nauseating! What's worse, either the sisters don't have a clue, or they simply choose to remain ignorant of their error! Sad, Sad, Sad!
Let us pray for them and for all religious.


"Rosemary Ferguson, OP, Elise's mentor, spoke of her as a "Border-Walker" during the entrance ceremony."

Border-Walker: Aren't they those vigilante guys from Texas who guard the Mex-US border and shoot at the illegals? Hmm..or perhaps, in this case, "women who stand outside the Church and wander all about whereever the wind (Godde/Ruah/Pneumonia [;-)]) may blow, ever near the border of truth, but never quite crossing over."

Tony Miller

I looked over the site, and these nones (none of the holiness, none of the piety, none of the reverence) seem to be *pagan*. Am I missing something? Are these a bunch of new-age earch worshippers masquerading as Catholic nuns?

john hearn

When I was a lad (I'm 51 now) I went to Marymount Elementary School and, although I didn't prosper there, had great respect for the Immaculate Heart Sisters who ran the place.

I grew up and lost touch with my faith, but always assumed that those formidable and holy women that I had known were still "at it" so to speak.

Some years later, having regained some shreds of sanity and returned to the Church, I was puzzled that I never heard anything about this order who had run that school so close to my home. Finally I asked about them online and was shown a site that told the sad sad tail of the fall of the SHOM sisters. They had fallen pray to and early and virulent strain of Modernism and had gone off the deep end to the point that Crd. Macintyre had kicked them out of the RCALA. From what I understand, a few sisters are trying to make a comeback in a reformed and newly faithful order. May God help them do so.

The fall of so many wonderful and ancient orders of holy women is a real tragedy that will take years to heal. What was it that left these groups so open to the poison of this age?


Mr. Hearn: What is the URL of the webiste you mention? I;d like to read it.

One of my aunts was an Immaculate Heart nun, and she eventually left in the years following their tragic and self-destructive showdown with Cardinal McIntyre. She was not one of the radicals who precipitated the confrontation, but it shattered the order.

john hearn


I read it some time ago, but I will try to find it and post it here.

john hearn


I found a site for them in LA:

I couldn't find a general history page on that site, but I left them a message asking if they would be kind enough to point me to one.



Thank you. That is very kind of you.


LOL!! I haven't seen that much gray since the last time I watched an episode of "Golden girls"!! bwahahaha!!!


The ironic thing, to me, is that the young, conservative order is the one located in the very heart of leftist central. (Seriously...check the address.)

Donegal Tom

That "Sisters of Adrian" site, that's a parody site, right?

Please. Please tell me that was all parody.

P. Jeremy Stevens

I'm with Donegal Tom. The Adrian website could be a COMPLETE PARODY . . . I could barely catch my breath from laughing at the non-stop roll-out of Age-of-Aquarius jargon and ideology.

It's only when you realize that IT'S FOR REAL that you want to break down and weep!

Daniel Muller

I thought that Mr. Hearn was thinking about information along these lines.


This is part of a description for a retreat listed on the Archdiocese of Minneapolis/St Paul website:

"Faciliated by ... and Lea Henkes, FSPA, a Franciscan Sister, a dancing spirit, ritual leader and songwriter."

What is a "dancing spirit"?


Wow. I am from St. Paul and please know that although the fspa sisters try to get their claws in, none of the young women are buying it. However, we have had three women go to Nashville, two to the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist (above), one to the Sisters of Life, one to the Carmelite Sisters of the Sacred Heart, one to the CFR's, plus one to the Little Sisters of the Poor in the last couple years -and these are just the women that I know! I don't know why the Archdiocese even bothered to put that announcement up. What hogwash! Fidelity is key! None of this pseudo-new age "Catholicism"!

College Gal

Siena Heights University is the prime example of 'new age catholicism.' the school is as far away from Christ as is the devil himself. perhaps at one time it was a great catholic institution----today it now has a nun in charge (from FLA) but is run and staffed by lay persons. i spoke with one of the sisters about how the school is going down the tubes--and she replied 'what do you want me to do?'--she showed zero compassion. Carlow University Pittsburgh was too run by the Sisters till the 80s or so. now almost zero nuns involved or teaching. they have their gay pride organization--etc etc. Christ is weeping. The Adrian Dominican Sisters as with so many religous just dont get it. shame on them/go back to your roots!

Former Teacher

I AGREE : SIENA HEIGHTS UNIVERSITY IS A SHAM!!!! I taught there and was baffled by what you speak of myself. How is this school catholic? the staff/faculty are as rude as can be/ as are the administrators. the school is falling apart but the convent is quite luxurious. Shame shame shame.

MC from Georgia

Locally we had an Adrian Dominican as a DRE. She only wore the "bottom half" of her habit. I never, in 5 years saw her wear her veil but one time. The day she wore it I asked her why.
She said, "I am celebrating a special day." Giving me no clue as to what she was celebrating. Anyway, I asked her, "Do you not consider being the Bride of Christ special enough that you would want to wear your veil everyday?"
I got such a look from her. She didn't answer but just turned around and walked off.
Now how do you think that made Jesus feel?


The Adrian Dominican Sisters have women aging from 22 to 100. Just to add that correction.
Before one judges the current situation in religious life they should read the Church's documents that speak clearly to the purpose of religious life within the Church. In fact, most language that was used to distinguish between the two congregations and how one might be more faithful than another, is no longer used by the Church and Religious themselves.
Both congregations are living into religious life in the present day and neither one of them is absolutely right or absolutely wrong.

The Adrian Dominican Sisters are finding their place in society today, in order to be relevant to the "signs of the times." While the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, are on a trial period with the Dominican Order and may not be granted the ability to remain Dominican, because they are not involved with the Dominican Global Family and the current prioress refuses to change leadership. There have been changes over the last four and five decades within the Church and Religious Life, which both congregations have to be willing to embrace and live into.
Instead of speaking poorly of either congregation, we should look to the gifts that both offer us as a church.

God, continue to bless both congregations... let us see your glory and truth in the work of both... and give us pure hearts to continue to follow the life of Christ in all we do. And, may you forgive the laity and priests who have spoke against your people and your creation through this website. Amen.


Decently said Calipaz, but let's not forget that the congregation of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist was started because the current mother superior was frustrated that her congregation called someone knew to leadership in Nashville, TN. She proceeded to steal a car from the congregation and take novices with her. No one pressed charges. She hid in the state of NY, before a bishop connected her with a wealthy donor who was able to help the congregation begin. This would not exactly be the healthiest approach to the roots of a new congregation. Vows were broken, the law was broken and relationships were destroyed.

This blog is disgusting.


cheers99 why do you feel the blog site is digusting?

Bring them home?

I found this quite poignant.I hope the flourishing order will reach out to the order withering on the vine and offer to invite them in to their order. People can take wrong turns in life by failing to recognise the Great Deceiver.Many of the sisters are getting old and I suspect feeling lonely I think of the Prodigal Son.Should we not pray for our prodigal sisters who have lost their way and offer sanctuary?Some will reject such overtures but there may be some who feel they have no where to go.


I went to the Arian sisters' website and came across an article about a novice who couldn't decide if she wanted to be a sister or if she wanted to be "famous."
She also claims that she "preaches" at her local parish.
Someone should inform the Vatican of such outrageous behaviors.
I am writing to the local bishop, because these women should not be participating in behaviors that are against our Church. Pray for this novice and the transformation of this congregation.

Sad Mother

My daughter is joining the new Dominicans this August. During the 8 years of her formation, we will be allowed 3 group visits each year, with all the other parents. Our daughter will be allowed to come home 3 times over the 8 years. After final vows, there is 1 group visit per year, and 1 home visit each year. Phone calls and emails are not permitted. We are very sad to be losing our daughter this way. I ask: Why does the order cut off the family? How is this loving your family? How is this healthy for the women? Is this a cult?

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