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Sunday, June 05, 2005


Tom Pollard

I think this throws a big wrench into Dan Brown's Sang-Real theory.


The "What's your IQ" ad in the middle was hilarious. I think I felt my IQ slip a few points while reading that nonsense.


It seems anyone who distorts the truth is heard today in the media while the true prophets of Christ such as Fr. Gruner (, Fr. Kramer, and others are scorned, ridiculed, etc. even by Catholics who have lost their faith. It's no wonder people will follow the false prophet and anti-christ.


I'm not one to dog anyone's sincere faith and if "Judith Christ" floats your boat, then fine. But gay marriages, ordained women, and "a loving God wouldn't send anyone to Hell" sermons aren't exactly packing the pews in the "progressive" denominations and don't think Judith will bring 'em in either. As false gospels go, this one's pretty easy to spot. Traditional christians, especially Catholics, have nothing to fear from Judith.


Not only is there nothing to fear, there is a tremendous entertainment value. The idea is laughable and the desperation it shows is laughable as well. It's only not funny I guess if people are lead away from the truth by it - but one must wonder, if they are lead away by the story of Judith are they really looking for the truth to begin with? That's why I find the whole thing amusing.


Was Mohammed a woman too? Are they going to re-write the Koran next? Can you imagine the riots.


All I can say is that satan is alive and well in this world. How else do you explain this garbage? This ranks with the idea that Christ was married. Never mind the appearances He made to all of the Great Saints throughout the years. Never mind the appearances of Mary referring to Her Son. Never mind the Holy Shroud, etc....


From what I've read, Fr. Gruner has been acting in disobedience to Church authority. I don't believe his teachings have been outright censured by the Vatican, but I think it had to do with his refusal to abide by his original diocesan incardination..

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