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Monday, July 25, 2005



I hope some concrete proposals come from this. We are starting a solemn Mass this fall but there is such a fear of chant, that we are having to actually work to get all four parts of the ordinary in Latin/Greek!


I was thinking at Mass last weekend, if this is the Year of the Eucharist, why are we singing "Hear our prayer/Hear our prayer/ Through this BREAD and WINE we share.." There seems to be some kind of disconnect.

Jonathan Webb

This what I hoped Benedict would work on. The American Catholic liturgy is a disaster; it's usefulness is solely to provide a desert experience for American Catholics. Personally, I get more out of masses where the musicians don't show up because it makes it easier to actually pray.

Sam Doucette

If this leads to the end of the GIA (publishers of Gather) and Oregon Catholic Press's stranglehold on American liturgical music, I will feel like the Berlin Wall fell.

The sooner they get rid of the likes of the St Louis Jesuits, Carey Landry, Marty Haugen (not even Catholic), and David Haas, the better.

Bring back the motets, Gregorian chant, and real hymns!

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