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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Joe Odegaard

Gee, who does she think she is? Well, I'll ignore her as I grope my way back to the Church. I was raised Catholic in the 1950's, It has taken a while to get over some of the excesses, but now it is time for the ho-hum Christain and Jew to renew, and to effectively see how we are together in the big good vs. evil battle so visible in the news every day. M.Carlson is not making this vital task easier.


Ummmm... actually everyone their own priest is in the B-I-B-L-E in a number of places

Which is not to say there aren't ordained and unordained priests (some considered qualified to deliver the sacraments and some not etc...) but... well... the Bible is the Word. Jesus is the Word. Ignorance of the Bible is as much unfamiliarity with the Redeemer as not taking communion

Der Tommissar

Ok, so what is the Church's teaching on taxes? I guess I missed that one. Was there some sort of moral perogative for midnight basketball that I didn't get the memo on?


I think pundits like Carlson write columns like these just so they can feel better about being Bad Catholics.


I try to separate politics from my religion but there is a point of diminishing return. A communist, for example, is a secularist in a huge way and for many other reasons could not be a Christian,let alone a Catholic. Actually, I try to get to Mass and not worry about who is a bad Catholic, they know who they are and they go to bed knowing it.

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