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Friday, August 26, 2005



We are re-introducing bells and patens this fall at a new solemn Mass in our parish.


We, too, have bells ringing --- only they're coming from the "faithfuls'" purses.... and some even have the nerve to answer them!

Seriously, I go to St. Agnes in New York City and sometimes, depending on who the lector is, they ring the bells - so beautiful! We kneel to receive Communion, too. Guys, if you are to visit New York City in the future, don't forget to attend Mass at St. Agnes (43rd St. between Lexington Ave. and Third Ave.) or at the Church of Our Saviour on Park Avenue South and 38th Street. The 11:00 A.M. Sunday Mass at St. Agnes is Tridentine.


More than at the consecration I miss the bells at the hanc igitur.
I also miss the absolution after the confetior.


Where I attend church, they ring the bells in the bell tower at the time of consecration.


We recently reintroduced this practice and we find it very irritating. It interrupts our attention on the consecration. We teach our children to be very silent for that moment to kneel in worship of the Lord. There is something very holy about silence. And now their attention goes to the altar servers and not the Eucharist.


you have to be an idiot to be opposed to bell ringing during mass. the typical arguments are nonsensical. I know the Holy Father in the next few years will fix all of this nonsense perpertrated by this liberal thinking in the Church.


I like the idea. It seems very interesting.

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