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Monday, August 08, 2005


John Bedard

I found you through LA Catholic. I have begun working with these blogs. I have and

Thanks for posting
Brooklyn Diocese Opposes Conversions. That is absolutly unbelievable. To think that they say these thing out loud and actually print make it obvious they haven't pick up a catechism in their life.

Peace Brother,

Fr. Erik Richtsteig

I guess the words of the Lord, "Go forth and preach the Gospel to all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...." have expired.


This kind of bunk needs to be publically repudiated and the authors need to be reprimanded.


Crocodylus Pontifex

What part of "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church" do they not understand?

I guess they care more about not hurting feelings and not stepping on toes, by not converting others away from their less-than-fully-true denominations, than they do about saving souls by bringing them into the One True Church. I wonder if their approach to ministry to the homeless and prostitutes is to give them shopping carts and condoms, leaving them in their lost and confused lives, rather than actually changing and improving their lives.

Joe Sterbinsky

I almost agree wholeheartedly.

I'm rushing this out as i'm leaving to sing at a service with my gospel group. i am the only Catholic among born-again prostestants. These protestants need no conversion. If the Brooklyn diocese is refrerring to other Christian faiths I have no argument.

But if they mean all faiths are equally adept at achieving eternal life with YHWH, that's heretical. I serve on a ministry in my church with people who believe that Islam, Buddhism, etc. are all valid. They weaken the Word of God.

Russell Neglia

I agree that this is rubbish. This smacks very much like religious pluralism which is contrary to all Christian principles. Very baffling.


I agree... this statement is a blatant deviation from historical Church teaching. What end-goal are they trying to reach?


Well, I'm in the process of converting from Anglicanism to Roman Catholicism even as we speak. Would I be a disappointment to the Brooklyn Diocese? They'd prefer me to stay in the picturesque squalor of modern Anglicanism, I suppose, so they can admire the lovely mosaic of differing faiths surrounding them. I've got a proposal - for every one like me who converts, we can swap out with a member of the Diocesan ecumenical office. Since no faith is any better than any other, it can't make any difference to them whether they're RC, Anglican, Baptist, Muslim or whatever, right? I'm sure they'll enjoy the trip to wherever we're all going together in whatever denomination they happen to wind up in.


With all due respect to Crocodylus Pontifex, his "born again" Protestant friends need conversion to the Catholic faith (as do we Catholics, too!). Only there is the fullness of faith present. Only there are all the sacraments present that strengthen us on our journey. Obviously, there is salvation outside formal membership in the Catholic Church, but Church teaching is clear: the most secure place for a professing Christian to be is in Holy Mother Church. After 25 years or so as a "born again" Non-Denominational Evangelical Protestant, God graciously led me into the Church. To not attempt to bring other Christians into the Faith would be to lack Christian charity towards our separated brothers.


Please include Brooklyn Diocese in your prayers, thats should be the real catholic way. NOT criticising.

Mark J. Macedon

Having recently moved to the Brooklyn diocese from the diocese of Arlington, VA (there's a contrast!), I can confirm that this diocese does need your prayers. I have been to least 5 parishes within my neighborhood; all were half-empty on the main mass on Sunday. I also went to the single mass (yes, the only one) offered on Sunday at the Cathedral and was joined by about 150 other people. One could almost see the tumbleweeds rolling by. The bishop seems orthodox by most accounts, yet these days it seems like it takes more than just personal orthodoxy for a bishop to turn the ship of a diocese around. Often, it takes some getting rid of the old guard in the chancery offices too. Stuff like this emanating from some diocesan office seems a perfect example of what even good bishops face from those who work under them.


Crocodylus Pontifex , how can u say that ur protestant friends dont need conversion. Christ founded his Church on Peter only not on any evangelical heretic from america. To say that protestants dont need conversion is no charitable. Caritas (charity) and Veritas (truth) must go hand in hand. We must "hate error but love those who err".
And besides you are part of a gospel group! Do you know of the heresy of indifference and the ban on praying with heretics.

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