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Wednesday, August 03, 2005



On your point #2: I have ceased to expect that most religion writers in the main stream media will try to, or are able to, completely or accurately explain the position of the Church. This includes writers who I think ought to know better. In Chicago, we have Andrew Greeley (is he still a priest? He still calls himself Father.) who occasionally will write for the Sun-Times or the Tribune, I can’t remember which and much of what he says is shameless toeing of the liberal line that the Church isn’t ‘with it’. And after the Pope wrote a letter a few years ago restating the Church position on homosexuality especially in regards to marriage, there’s the classic example of the Sun-Times headline that ran the next morning: “Pope launches global attack on gays.” I’ve written many letters but have resigned myself to the fact that there are many papers and religion writers who are just trying to make the Church look as bad as possible. I’m sure others try to genuinely portray the Church and maybe they just don’t get it right, but I doubt they are in the majority.

On your point #1: Maybe I don’t understand but I am dismayed that Church officials would say that this woman should have known she could get pregnant so we are not going to support her child. The seminarian knew just as well as she did that she could get pregnant and the Church response should be – you both knew this could happen, it did and now the two of you have to take care of that child and I’m sorry but that means the man can no longer be a priest. Not only is that doing something, it’s doing the right thing. Because the point is she DID get pregnant and there is a CHILD that needs to be cared for and that is the FATHER’S responsibility and not the Church’s. As far as contraception goes, the mainstream media of course looks at it like if she was on the pill or something else, this whole situation could have been avoided - but contraception fails and they don’t like to talk about the failure rate. What you won’t read in the paper is that the only way all of this could have been avoided is if the man and the woman had practiced the Church teaching of chastity.


Your quote from the Catechism confirms Donohue's assertion.


Donohue was right, especially in using condoms as an example. Your quote from the Catechism confirms his assertion.

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