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Monday, August 29, 2005



Interesting development. I do find that the title of the posting and some of the comments are a bit misleading. At times, title included, it sounds as though the essence of the discord with Lefrebvre is exclusively over the Tridentine rite (the old Latin mass). There are several places in the world where Tridentine mass is regularly celebrated in perfect communion with Rome. Bishops are individually allowed to choose whether they want to have Tridentine Latin masses in their jurisdictions. Celebrating mass in the Tridentine rite is not in and of itself a schismatic question, as parts of your posting seem to suggest.

The Fraternity of St Peter ( has for years been making available to Catholics in many countries the Indult of the Tridentine Rite.

See also


Thanks for that posting. Really an interesting development and we look forward to the outcome.


It is good to see others following this story, as it is of paramount importance to the Church. However, you aren't correct in linking the Vatican I Council's declaration on Papal Infallibility to the situation of the Society of St. Pius X and the late Archbishop Lefebvre. They have absolutely nothing to do with each other. I think you are mixing up the SSPX and the Old Catholics, which are not even in the same zip code. Also, it is very inflammatory to call those that make use of the SSPX chapels as Lefebvrists. They are Roman Catholics, plain and simple. You will not find any person in the pew at an SSPX mass refer to themselves as a "Lefebvrist". Also, to term the issue between the Pope and the SSPX "schism" shows an absolute ignorance of the situation and what the word schism means. The SSPX doesn't dispute that the Pope has authority over them. Nor does the SSPX dispute that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ. If you want to call the SSPX and the Archbishop disobedient, then you may be correct, but there does not exist a "schism". Finally, to call Bp. Williamson one of Archbishop Lefebvre's "early recruits" (as well as other incorrect descriptions) is, again, a testament to your ignorance of the SSPX and its situation. Archbishop Lefebvre was retired and not recruiting anybody to do anything. The entire work of the SSPX began when the Archbishop himself was sought after by seminarians who saw the method of priestly formation being dismantled as a result of the Vatican II Council. These seminarians were advised by many seminary professors and prelates in the Vatican and surrounding See's, to seek after the Archbishop. If you were to read a couple books about the Archbishop or by the Archbishop you would know this. Your story gives the impression that Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX are some "ultra-traditionalist" right wing group-and that just isn't true. Sure, there may be some right wing folks that make use of the SSPX chapels and there may be some SSPX clergy that may appear to the modern mind as right wing hardliners, but the SSPX as an organization, and particularly the late Archbishop are loyal sons of the Church-they are Catholic. Are you aware that Archbishop Lefebvre was on the Preparatory Council of Vatican II? He was hand picked by Pope John 23rd. It would be nice if in the same posts that besmirch the good name of Archbishop Lefebvre with the statements that they are hardliners against Vatican II, please make note that he was one of the members that prepared the schemas of which the Council was to be based upon. So if there is a criticism to be had about Vatican II, then Archbishop Lefebvre is a very credible source. If you would like to know more about the SSPX situation, or if you would like to check your facts with someone who knows the SSPX, you may email me privately and if I can't answer the question, I can get the answer. The SSPX does too much good for the Church. The SSPX is not an "ultra-traditionalist" right wing group. They are Catholics-plain and simple. You won't find any contracepting Catholics in their pews, nor will you hear their priests say that the official Dogmatic teachings of the Church can be disobeyed or are up for discussion. These are standard Catholic positions, and if which not held, make a person not Catholic. The SSPX is devoted to the Holy Father, and they always will be. The problem is, and this is my opinion, that the Holy Father and the good prelates of our Church don't realize what a friend they have in the SSPX. The best thing that could happen for the SSPX and the Pope is to lift the bill of excommunication and free the Mass according to the 1962 Missal for all priests to say anywhere in the world in any parish at any time, and then you will see the "New Evangelization" and the new "springtime" in the Church.

In Christian Charity

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