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Friday, September 23, 2005


T. Shaw

" . . . a 48-year-old gay priest . . . said he was considering donning a pink triangle . . ."

You know he will not. Because if he did, we would be able to identify and avoid such an anti-priest.

If the alternative were no priests, we will be better served were there no priests such as that thing.

Edwin Faust: “But one thing puzzles me. Why do men pledge their lives to love that which they hate? Why do priests who reject the Church's teachings pretend a loyalty to them? Why do they become priests at all? I cannot understand this. It is as though a man took for his wife a woman he despised, so that he might spend his marriage insulting, demeaning and destroying her. I can furnish plausible psychological explanations for such confounding behavior, but the ontological explanation -- the reason for its very existence -- appears to rest in the dark impenetrable heart of evil, what St. Paul calls the mystery of iniquity."


No fear - any "civil rights" lawsuit would fail, a la the Boy Scouts precedent...

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