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Saturday, October 15, 2005



Great blog on the priest sex scandal and how it relates to the lax liberal bent the liberal Catholics of the seminaries had on the vetting process.

Keep up the great blogs!


Satan is with us and has entered the church. The arrogance of the Catholic leadership is a disgrace. May God help us all.

Russell Neglia

The most disgraceful thing about the Priest sex abuse scandal is how the Catholic hierarchy turned a blind eye to it. This is pure treachery. When will bishops be held accountable? Michael Rose was exactly right in his book "Goodbye, Good Men." This is a must read book if you want to understand how we came to this pathetic point.


Is there any trends in the abuse and the type dioceses involved?


Is there any trends in the abuse and the type dioceses involved?

The Catholic Knight

I agree! Michael S. Rose was right. "Goodbye Good Men" is a MUST READ for anybody who wants to understand the sex-abuse scandal in the US Catholic Church. Unorthodox LIBERALISM is the problem. The reason why the problem was so disproportionate to the Church in the USA is because America is a very liberal society in relation to the rest of the world. The US Church needed to go against the flow, but it didn't. Instead it went along with the liberal trends and attitudes of the culture. That was its undoing. Now the US Catholic Church is impotent, and must rely on Rome for everything. Increasingly, faithful American Catholics must turn to the Vatican for leadership, and virtually bypass their local bishops and the USCCB. There is only one way for the American bishops to repair the damage that was done. They must follow the Vatican in lockstep for the next 20 to 30 years. They must implement reforms EXACTLY the way the Vatican tells them -- without exception. Only after two to three decades of this will faithful American Catholics begin to trust them again.


Homosexuals have to be turned away as a start in any true reform.

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