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Saturday, October 22, 2005


little cicero

There's a problem with your prediction that Meirs would let Roe v. Wade stand: She's a strict constructionist. We know this because that is a the primary demand of the President and she is a conservative (perhaps fundamentalist) Christian, meaning she looks at the Bible as the objective, unabrigable word of God, and she would do the same and objectively interpret the Constitution. We have nothing to fear as long as a justice is a strict constructionist, because Roe WAS a bad decision. Don't be insecure about it...once we get justices on that take the Constitution seriously, the problem will resolve itself!


I'm glad you posted on this since I had no information on this at all. The other day I came across a 1993 speech of hers claiming she might have supported abortion, and now I see she isn't even Catholic. I only pray the next candidate is truly pro-life.

*Name Hidden*

One does not have to be Catholic to be "truly pro-life".

- The Unseen Blogger, a "Truly pro-life" Baptist

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