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Saturday, October 08, 2005



It's not much,Not much,but knowing how much the modern homosexual likes to scream his ''orientation'' from the rooftops for all and sundry to take offense at,there won't be very many valid applicants.
Thank God.
More real men need to be tapped for the priesthood.Not these pitiful excuses for males.
I'D volunteer myself,but I like girls too much.


Simple Soul

Your entry made me very sad Dominic.We do not tap people for religious life Jesus calls a soul to the religious life.Real men in my opinion are men like Joseph or Maximillan Kolbe or Pierre Curie or John Paul 2 or Benedict the 16th.If someone is tempted by same sex attraction but lives a chaste life they are saintly because given the culture we live in everything is working against them and if it were not for God's grace it would be too hard for them to maintain thair chastity.To be tempted in a particular way does not automatically qualify you to be a pitiful excuse for a male.It is the failure to work at self mastery that makes any man less than he should be and could be and the same applies to females. Jesus wants each of us to be the best we can be with the help of His grace.


My statement stands.
If you cannot see that these contemptible wretches are the cause of our lack of priests the world over,then you need to get the sleep out of your eyes and look at the seamy reality of our sexually-overloaded planet.

They have ruined every institution in which their foul reek has appeared.
Oust them.



Simple Soul

Thank you for explaining Dominic.I agree that those sinning in this manner are causing immense pain and damage I have never shirked from making clear how dangerous and damaging this sin is to those who practise it.
At every opportunity I remind others there are choices and urge any one experiencing same sex attraction to contact Courage and seek the spiritual guidance and support to sustain them in a life of chastity.
It is the oldest lie in the book- if you don't eat of this fruit you will never be truly fulfilled and every poor soul who believes the lie begins the walk away from Jesus and true peace.
As to the cause of our lack of priests a very saintly nun once said Jesus was still calling many people to religious life but His voice was being drowned out by the din of the secular world and our failure as laity to encourage and support the idea of giving your life to God in this special way.You are probably right in a way because the worship of the false god of sex has lead to a loss of belief in the importance of chastity and purity and in the fact that both are possible with the help of God's grace

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