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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Russell Neglia

Bravo for Bishop O'Malley. I wish we could see this type of courage more often. Sadly, the hierarchy is often afraid to stand up to those who openly defy Church teaching. Political Correctness has overpowered the Church unfortunaltely. When politicians like John Kerry, Patrick Leahy and Ted Kennedy call themselves Catholic and then promote partial birth abortion it's a sad day for absolute truth, moral values and Church teaching. It is even more unfortunate when the Church itself is silent to this flagrant defiance by prominent Catholics of Church moral teaching .

K P Winterer

Why hasn't this Menino been excommunicated? It's allowing these anti-Catholics to continue in leadership roles that most turns off traditional Catholics. What would this guy have to do to get excommunicated? I don't care if he gave millions and millions to Catholic Charities; would we accept such gifts from the devil? Is money more important that
the commandments?


You know I don't like Cathoic Charities in my own diocese (Syracuse) and you can see that for a few funding bucks they (in Baston)sell out Christ for funding reasons. I say send your money to Father Groeschel down in NY, he takes no government money. All you school voucher fans take note, he who pays the piper calls the tune! Up the revolution!


Excommunicate him??? Oh my God...we still talk like this???????? Lets go back to look at a crucifix and ask Jesus what He would do when we have people with opinions that are different from ours. Should we love them and show them [through our life] an alternative or simply [and childishly] "kick them out"????

patrick J. walsh

Catholic Charities are not "Catholic" and have lost their sense of mission. Along with Boston College no one should give them a dime.

Smaller charities are the way to go or genuine Catholic ones like Ave Maria college.

One problem with Catholic Charities is the accepting of state and federal money. Mother Theresa wisely never took a dime from such sources. She knew that the Church is separate from the state and has a mission to save souls for the Father which is a greater need than just feeding and clothing someone.The Red Cross does that. Catholics address a higher Love not recognized by the modern state and secular charities.

Another problem is the secularization of people who call themselves "Catholic", but who no longer believe. Catholics believe what the Church Magisterium teaches. If one cannot accept the wisdom of these teachings then such a person should be honest with themselves and find another church. Flannery O'Connor who satirized such folk suggested -"the church of Jesus Christ without Jesus Christ"

The so called Catholics often cited by theBoston Globe are interested in worldy success. If they send their kid to Boston College it is to be successful in the world and to get a good job and not to get a Catholic education and live the Catholic faith.

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