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Wednesday, November 23, 2005



The Pope should call these and all who publically come out with statements like this to Rome and if they cannot agree to rescind the statements, should be asked to resign their positions.


Well it is apparent that some Bishops seem to think homosexuals are just a fine choice for a priest. Well, perhaps they missed their calling to the Episcopal church. There you can get all that hmosexual business, women priestesses, and just about any other thing that may tickle your ears. Someone should let them know that there is indeed a wide and easy road that awaits them, there among the Episcopalian brehtren. I say we provide them with bus fare, a box lunch, a map with directions, and send them on their way to a new home in someone else's church. When they get there they can have tea with Henry the 8th and ask Hitler to pass the cream - Bon Voyage'!


Joeh...But don't give bus fare to the paedophiles, keepem. The Episcopal Curch doesn't want the either.


So you reassign priest who continue to abuse children and now you want to break more laws. We should always help with a drink of water but we should not encourage "illegal immigration".

Remember: "to Caesar..."


This latest bizarre announcement from Cardinal Mahoney was influenced by Auxiliary Bishop Gabino Zalvala. In the last edition of the heretical Tidings newspaper, Bishop Zavala held a press conference showcasing a young, male homosexual and his hunger strike to demand rights for the illegals. Another of Bishop's Zavala's pet projects is his "ministry" to homosexuals, although after the priestly sex crime blowout he quietly deferred his leadership position.

I suppose this young, latino, homosexual truly touched the heart of Cardinal Mahoney, instigating him to declare virtual war against self described unjust law and enlist his legions of subordinate priests from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles in his quest, even threatening punishment from those religious who are not sympathetic.

It is really amazing how militant the Cardinal can be when he is motivated, too bad he isnt concerned with the spiritual welfare of his charges, only politics. I suppose with all the latinos in S. California he thinks this move will insure their good graces and he will find some measure of protection against the threat of his resignation.


It was Dolorous Huerta, from the United Farm Workers organization who lobbied tirelessly for the recent pro-gay legislation in California, saying something to the effect that -this is the way of our people, we cherish privacy- or some other hogwash.

Yup, Cardinal Mahoney is in good company these days- pro illegal, pro homo.


If they were once h.s. or with tendencies,they, out of ardent love for the Church and hate for evil, they should judge that it is undignified for the entering of Holy Orders. We are all called to be perfect, even if we aren't, we are the mystical body of Christ and called to be "Alter Christi", even more when sharing the true preisthood with Christ. Now, that is not to say that this is a square deal, there are certain things that need to be verified. One is given a vocation at Baptism, yet one can be so unfaithful to it that it may, "change"or taken from them. A person called to religious life may be punished by their infidelity, and passes to be a married person ( not that the sacrament of Matrimony is bad.)This is a sin, for if God gives you a gift and his will is revealed to you, then you must not go back and refuse it.
In Corde Jesu

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