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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


"...The Instruction tacitly dismisses the tendentious claims that homosexuality is innate, or unchangeable, or changeable only in rare circumstances. While it acknowledges the disorder can be deep-seated in some persons, it maintains that it may also be just an adolescent hang-up one can leave behind."

How refreshing. This is the theory that I grew up with--that most kids had passing brushes with SSA around age 10 or whatever, usually with a teacher or coach. I had my own little episode...nowadays, admit to the attraction and the die is cast, isn't it? So either a kid must come *out of the closet* or retreat into defensive homophobia. What a lousy time to be a kid!


Sexuality is a complex issue, however it is a very sad that some in the church which is called to bring the good news of God's love to all ends up neglecting some of its own children. I am saddened as a gay catholic by some of the statements in this document, such as that homosexual persons are emotionally immature. As a psychologist I am aware that many if not mosts gays/lesbians achieve a great level of emotional maturity which helps in dealing with the struggles/discriminations they often encounter. I am glad as a gay man to live in todays world where there is a growing awareness that love between people of the same gender is possible and where young kids can see models of love between two people of the same gender, something which was rare [due to the tendency to hide in the past].


Jean, you are saddened? Why? The Church has always been out of touch with ultimate reality. Why should it change now? The world is flat. (Oops, um well that was just a little glitch.)

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