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Wednesday, November 02, 2005



I grew up in Hawai'i where we pray this way together all the time. What's the big deal?

I grew up NOT holding hands. We never prayed that way. It is an embarrassing, stupid, and superficial affectation. I pray the same way my parents and grandparents did. I am not changing it because a bunch of immature, narcissistic dopes decided to reinvent the wheel during the 1970s.


I remember when this got started. First it was the "raising hands", then they started holding hands. It smacked of evangelical protestantism. I was a hold-out, I refused , except in the most persistent neighbor. Sure enough, it's come back around and few are doing it.

Simple soul

I have never encountered this request in regard to the saying of the Our Father but I think it would be somewhat distracting and as I am on the reserved side a bit of a burden I don't mind the sign of peace handshake though I am glad to hear that Pope Benedict is thinking of having it placed further away from the actual time of consecration and reception of communion I hope he places it at the end of the mass.


I also dislike the hand holding and the orate gesturing to mirror the celebrant. I don't oppose these things for the sake of having to interact with strangers, but rather I oppose them because they are not specifically approved to be included in the rite of the mass. These kinds of folk additions to the mass will eventually erode the rite of the mass, which has existed for centuries. I know the mass has been altered and appended over the course of Catholic history, but I assume it is not taken lightly or done on a whim.

Chris Danze

My wife and I do not hold hands during the Our Father. Occasionally someone will grab
her hand anyway, even if she has them in front of her in prayer. It is fairly amusing
when the someone is a gentleman.

Roamin' Catholic

I have been attending independent, "Anglican-Catholic" Masses for twenty years. I grew up as a Mainline Protestant, and became an independent Catholic because of the beauty and awe and mystery of their liturgy (which is basically the pre-Vatican II Rite, sans the Latin). I have felt a pull to join the "Roman" Catholic Church for the last few years. For the last few months I have finally started to visit Catholic churches in my area (six thus far). EVERY ONE of them does this hand-holding thing. More disturbing to me however is the line of 12 lay persons who distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to about 90 percent of the gathering, and in the hand at that. When these are combined with the lack of an Altar, the lack of altar rails for kneeling when taking Communion, soft-rock music accompanying all hymns, and the lack of one single period of time for quiet reflection (in the churches I have visited the rock band plays and sings while people kneel after taking the Eucharist) - I am left with a disturbing doubt - where is the holiness? Where is the sense of mystery?

Instead, these parishes can only offer explanations like those above - it's all about unity and community. So spirituality is now about unity and community, rather than repentance and holiness?

I left the Mainline Protestant church to find Catholic faith and worship. I was a schismatic for twenty years, and now that I am ready to come home to the Catholic Church, I discover that it has decided to mimic the mainline churches of my youth - with trendy music and shallow, feel-good pseudo-spirituality being the norm at Mass.

Truly distressing.

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