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Friday, November 25, 2005



The current leadership in the church will never allow the past to enter the church doors again. It will take a generation or two. God willing.

K P Winterer

I think everytime one of these is arrested, the
prelate who promoted him to, in this case monsignor, should have his name published as well. It's the hierarchy of the US Church who is responsible for this scandal. The ignored instructions in the '50's not to allow gays in the seminaries, and those same seminarians were eventually promoted; then they in turn promoted their gay friends. I'm appalled by the Church's not getting rid of the promoters as well as the molesters. It's touch to respect such an institution.

Amy Proctor

This is yet another proof why the Vatican is right on to bar gay candidates from seminaries and the priesthood. Over 80% of all abuse cases are male on male abuses.


BRAVO! This guy is the most pernicious character in the Catholic church since Bugnini himself. He's the #1 pusher of the kind of hand-holding kumbaya homosexual crap that has ruined liturgies all over the United States. Maybe this will finally get the sheeple who just sit there putting up with all this Novus Ordo garbage to realize that irreverence in the church means perversion in the rectory.


Sorry Youngfogey but the kind of worship that Fushek helps to promote around the country is the exact thing that is bringing up good Catholic youth to be the future of the church. I am very orthodox in Doctrine, but I think it is a mistake to say that you can't have good music and a relavent sermon at Mass. When the organ was first brought into the church it was revolutionary! If Fushek did touch even one kid the wrong way, he should leave the priesthood & serve time, but that doesn't take away from the good that he has done for so many churches and youth programs around the world.


St. John's Camarillo Seminary in CA can lay claim to this monsignor. For all of you Californians, this is the home seminary of Mahony's Cronies and the Lavendar Mafia. You can thank that institution for the sorry state the Catholic Church is in in that state.


Where this priest is from, Mesa, is the home of life teen ministry. A pedator would find himself there. What is that slogan? A fox will always be found in a hen house. I would hold my condemation before knowing all the facts. No matter what policy to prevent sex offenders, offenders will always pop up from time to time


"Someone claimed to have recovered a repressed memory involving sexual improprieties by Fushek in 1985. He has denied the allegations and remains on administrative leave."
Welcome to the Salem Witch hunts, Catholic style. Instead of burning hot pokers, we get to use psychiatrist. The sharks smell blood in the water. I'm sure everyone who has ever been slighted or shown up by Fushek will be delighted to recover their own repressed memories. God help us.


A few thoughts for Ultramontane,and youngfogey. Let the system work before we jump right in on the condemnation of another human being, and even then be careful about being to gleeful of the final verdict and your perceived correction made to the Church. Somehow I doubt that if Jesus were sitting next to us in the pew and he saw we were sitting with hands clasped and deathly quiet with not even a word of greeting to our brother and sister parishoners, he would pat us on the back and say thank you "good and faithful servant". As far as new leadership goes, Bishop Olmstead is devout, and orthodox, and by his commission he is responsible, but from my observation he has a group of appointees that fall very short of honorability and trustworthiness. It is going to be rough going around Phoenix for awhile, so it is best we focus on Jesus and the Eucharist wheather or not you hold hands with me at the Lords prayer. If we happen to be at Mass together and my singing and opening of my hands somehow offends you please know that I mean no offense, but ultimately it is between us and Jesus our Lord.

Carl B. Mahinney

I am sort of new to the "Blog" thing but I am compelled to respond to Msgr. Dale Fushek's recent arrest. I am one on the seven "alleged" victims involved in this trial(s). I have no personal/civil litigation involved with this Diocese to date. My testimony is being mandated by the courts to address "alleged" criminal act/abuses initiated by Mr. Fushek in the mid 1980's. There are a few things I would like to express. According to the Catholic between two married opposite sex adults is long as it has the ability to have openess to life. Rape is an act of violence. Homosexual orientation is not an act of violence toward another person. The Church categorizes Homosexuality as an "intrinsic" disorder. What Mr. Fushek is accused of is of using the "Sacrament of Confession" for his own benefit. This has nothing to do with him or his victims being Homosexual in orientation. Sex between consenting adults is not illegal, rape is....homosexual orientation is not illegal....pedophilia is....I pray, as this trial evolves, that we focus on the behavior, not the person. Truth lies in patterns. Thank you for your time.


Carl, it is sad that anything wrong happened to you or the other accusing guys. I was in Fr. Dale's Life Teen program in the 90's as well, and really benefitted from the ministry. I learned how to defend my faith when attacked by non-believers or even by non-Catholics. I learned to have a great love for Jesus in the Eucharist and to appreciate Our Lady more than I ever imagined. I perceived that this was a ministry to teens by people who really cared, Fr. Dale included. But it was the set of leaders, including Phil Banewitcz and Tom Booth and the adult team, that gave me the greatest sense of safety and authentic desire on their part for Jesus to be proclaimed and worshipped and Lord and King. The Mass that Life Teen places at the center of their ministry helped to to finally have a place to express the fire within my heart in a way that was holy and Catholic and Eucharistic and whole-hearted. I no longer felt a need to fill that hole with girl-chasing or academic studies or sports, and I didn't feel like I had to become a protestant in order to worship God in a way that made sense to me, with all my heart and sould and strength.

Fr. Dale was the founder and the leader of a youth movement blessed by the Holy Father and a powerful tool used by Christ to draw many thousands of teens to Him. In looking back, I am ready to believe that he did these bad things and I am ready to believe he didn't. I would be sad, because he did make a difference in many teen's lives for good. But, if he allowed his sinfulness to cause him to hurt teen boys or others, then justice says he should be punished. Let us all humbly pray for God's truth and justice in this case. And through it all, let us ask the Lord to bless all teens: that they all can focus on who Jesus Christ is and what Jesus has done for them personally. That regardless of what another person has/hasn't done, Jesus is the source of joy in this life and the source of eternal life for all who believe in Him.

Puzzled Catholic

Carl, I am wondering what you mean by Fr. Dale "using the Sacrament of Confession for his own benefit." What is it that he used it for. I know of many priests that ask the hard and uncomfortable questions while in Confession. That is what a good confessor will do. If Fr. made advances or touched you in any way that is inexcusable. However, if he simply asked you to bring your sin to light and you felt ashamed or uncomfortable...that is what sin will do. I would be interested in hearing your response. My heart and prayers go out to you. I am sure this is a terrible thing to have to endure.

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