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Monday, November 28, 2005


Owen Richelieu III

Cardinal Mahony has said in the past that he doesn't think that the latin mass has much appeal and that "those congregations are shrinking," which, to anyone's eyes, is inaccurate. Look at the FSSP parishes across the country - growing by leaps and bounds, and then raising up more seminarians every year. There's certainly lots of demand in Los Angeles, but as long as this Archbishop remains in place I doubt we will ever see a traditional rite parish. If it were successful, growing, and raising up vocations, it would be viewed as a threat by His Eminence, and a repudiation of his modernist philosophy.


We can only pray that it is reinstated, as the New Mass has been a travesty. To ban a mass, while allowing all other experiments and abuses to flourish over these past 40 years leaves one who has half a brain to believe that yes there was some sort of infiltration or at least corruption taking place in the 50's and culminating with the election of John XXIII and then Paul VI. Pope JPII though he did many things on the ecumenical front I totally did not agree with and pre Vatican II would be probably deemed apostate or heretical, was a good man who really did not believe in these changes or he would have pushed them even further as he saw the damage to the church he loved so much. If JPII had been elected in 1959 instead of Rocanelli, we would not even be having this discussion, some changes for the better may have taken place, and not the wholesale destruction of the church and her liturgy as has happended


After spending six years going from location to location for TLM in Southern California, it was a blessing to arrive in Atlanta where there is an FSSP parish.

Mahony will never establish a Traditional Rite parish. You can only pray for two things. 1. That he is removed. 2. That he has a change or heart. In my estimation, neither will happen.


After spending six years going from location to location for TLM in Southern California, it was a blessing to arrive in Atlanta where there is an FSSP parish.

Mahony will never establish a Traditional Rite parish. You can only pray for two things. 1. That he is removed. 2. That he has a change or heart. In my estimation, neither will happen.


It's a shame that it's up to the bishops on whether or not a parish is allowed to have the Tridentine. As long as any priest is properly qualified to lead it, this decision should be his. We need to pray that this restriction will change. Down with the USCCB!

Chris Naaden

It depends on its 'marketing', so to speak. I think if Latin Mass-goers can keep their shirts tucked in and their veils the same color as their hair so it blends in, His Eminence might just roll with it, know what I mean?

The Archdiocese will refuse to lose a popularity contest; it is the only thing they really care about. This sickening trait must be used against them.

In Orange County, a good deal of those who come in contact with the Norbertines like them a lot. Their Sunday 11am Mass at their abbey in Silverado Canyon is packed every week (it's not the old Mass, I know, but still...) Folks are drawn to their orthodoxy, and that same orthodoxy will resurrect the old Mass, if it be the will of God. If the orthodoxy becomes popular, the Archdiocese will roll with it, no problem.


I don't know who it was, but somebody in the L.A. Chancery had the brainstorm of moving the Tridentine Mass from one distant parish to another every Sunday. This ingenious device accomplishes two things: 1) Mahony can truthfully say he is making the old Mass "available" to the faithful in accord with JPII's 1988 motu proprio "Ecclesia Dei; and 2)It prevents the formation of a Latin Mass community that might serve as a rallying point for opposition to his decades of misrule.

Like I say, I don't which of his chancery gnomes came up with that one, but whoever it was, I bet he's wearing a miter now someplace.


Well I for sure because of the denial of the TLM here in NY have seen my cousins and wifes family become SSPX and SSPV church goers as they had it with the mass and the lack of catechism in the church.

I firmly believe that the church could care less if attendance dropped to 1%, they would never bring back the old mass, it would be like admitting a huge mistake


You can find the Tridentine Mass on Sundays at 3:30 p.m. at St. Anthony of Padua in Fresno. Beautiful and reverent. Schola chant. This is the largest parish in Fresno and the pastor, himself, is one of the priests who says this Mass. Come one, come all. Tridentine Mass in California? Who'd a thunk it?


I'll take the new Mass in Latin, the Paul the Sixth thing instead of the one from the 1500's that is the one they did after Vatican II until the late 60's. I much prefer it but I knoe of no place to get it except on EWTN


Its so wonderful that one has to sniff out the faith, a place of reverent worship and a mass that grew over almost 2 millenia, banned like a cancer causing drug except for a little snippet here and there, usually at a church to counter a SSPX chapel, while the Pope makes a statement yesterday that all can be saved even those that dont believe in Christ, and abuse after abuse flourish. Does the Catholic church really care about reverence anymore or convenience, money, and free will?

Rev. Daniel Hesko

I am Pastor in a parish of 3000 souls with 6 weekend Masses. the 9:oo sunday Mass is the Mass of Misal of 1962 (Tridentine) We have a full Church made up mostly of younger people with large families. The "Old" Mass is appealing for many reasons because of its Reverence, it's theological clearness; it's total orientation toward God.


God bless you Rev Hesko

We need another 50,000 more like you and Father Corapi for that matter!


My husband sometimes attends a Latin Mass at the Mission of San Juan Capistrano. The Mass is held in the Serra Chapel which dates back to around 1776. He says its great.

Patte Gradwell

Once a month we drive over 4 hours to attend a beautiful and reverent sung High Mass. It is so great to be free to worship and adore God instead of having to pull ourselves out of deep prayer because it is time to do "our number".

I am tired of performing for my Bread. When I go to Holy Mass I want to get lost in Him. And this I can do at a Tridentine Mass.

I can't even imagine having Mahony as a bishop. I'd rather be dead.


There are several churches and chapels in Southern California that are devoted to the Holy Mass and can be found in the Traditional Catholic Directory, which can be purchased online @ Traditio is dedicated to the preservation of the true Catholic faith and makes no apologies for being Catholic!

Caroline Dugas

When we lived outside of Boston, MA we attended Holy Trinity Church in the South End. There they held the old Latin Mass every Sunday at 12:00. Now that we live in Upstate, NY we miss so much the beautiful old Latin Mass. It seems the Catholic Churches around us are more concerned with "entertaining" everyone and making Mass "fun" for the young and anything goes instead of the importance of reverency, quiet reflection and what is holy. If you notice, the spoken response, everyone does, but now that almost all responses involve singing only the choir and a select few do that. Isn't it more important that everyone be involved and not just a few? Also the altar seems more a stage with so many people up there. The Priest has almost become a disinterested bystander while everyone else is busy doing their thing. Too many distractions.

John Peterson

I feel very sad for you folks in the LA Diocese. Mahoney is NOT a good Catholic Cardinal. He epitomizes the liberal movement within the church. Mother Angelica soundly put him in his lowly place several years back. I've always been curious if Cardinal Mahoney support a woman's "right" to abort a her child?

Pope Benedict has rightly served notice to these wacko Bishops and liberal loons..retire or be locked into obscurity.


My personal belief is that the days of prelates like Mahoney, Lutzinger and the rest of the aging revisionist adherents to modernity and all it's opaque semi-heterodoxy is numbered. The Tridentine Mass which was CODIFIED in the 15th century C.E. at the council of Trent can essentially be traced back to the 4th C.E. without much variation. The Tridentine Mass IS an organic developement of the Divine Litury. The post Vat 2 Pauline Mass (so-called normative???) is an INVENTION of the freemason Archbishop annibale bugnini with an assist from some protestant clerics. The Pauline mass was forced on the Catholic world by Paul V1.It's well overdue for a return to the faith that actually dares to make demands on her people. The Fluffy mainline protestant churches with nothing to say are dying, only the evangelicals in that sect are growing. The same is happening in the Catholic World The pale imitation that is the Vatican 2 churches go's half empty or half full depending on your perspective. The Orthodox-Latin (Tridentine Masses) are full to overflowing. The traditional masses are predominately filled with post vat 2 teens 20's and 30's folks & their families. What is that telling people like the Ayatollah Mahoney except that their intransigence and hostility to the resurgent Ancient Mass can't last forever. Cardinal mahoney, the days of the dancing masses, guitar masses, clown masses ,durito masses are along with altar girls and the disgusting habit of the Eucharist in the hand are coming to an end. Those prelates malignant to the Ancient Mass really need to attend a SSPX Seminary or at least an ecclesia dei seminary like FSSP Shalom-Ora et Laboura


My wife and I pray nightly that we will someday have reverent masses throughout the world we can comfortably bring our entire family to. Until then, we will have to offer our suffering up and continue to seek out those few parishes still faithful to the Magisterium of today and yesterday.


1.Mass attendance worldwide is down to about 35% of pre Vatican 2 mass attendance.
Mass (liturgy) changes from parish to parish
Traditionalist (Orthodox Catholics) shunned slandered and ignored by the Vatican establishment including all the post Vat 2 popes.
3. Heretics and genuine schismatics like anglicans, holy rollin charismatics and eastern orthodox schismatic are pandered to kissed up to and allowed near intercommunion with Catholicism as the post Vatican 2 church crawls in bed with heterodoxy.
$.Most Roman Catholics today 40 years after the Vatican 2 disaster don't know of or outright don'T believe in Transubstantiation.
#. A post vatican 2 priesthood dummied down and rift with homosexuality and pedophilia.
The Catholic Church after the Council called vatican 2 is a pale shadow of her form glory in tha battle against satan, Don't expect any post vatican 2 Pope to correct the evils of that council until God makes it so.
The Roman Catholic Church before that destructive council was the most revolutionary (Christ-filled) vehicle for God's work on Earth,The post vatican 2 church is a pale sick mirror of her former glory.








Learning to Serve at the Altar: The Traditional Latin Mass
9/8/2007 - 14:46 PST

Catholic PRWire

CHICAGO, IL - SEPTEMBER 8, 2007 - The new website of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius of Chicago ( just launched a new tutorial in how to serve the Tridentine Latin Mass.

Just as priests need to learn to offer the Mass according to the Rubrics of the 1962 Missale Romanum, Altar Servers must diligently study the rubrics and prayers of the Traditional Latin Mass.

This "Tutorial for Altar Servers" provides a:
1) a flash video demonstrating a Low Mass with one server
2) a cheat-sheet for Altar Servers learning the Mass in a downloadable PDF file format
3) Father Calnan's classic Server Manual
4) an introduction to the Knights of the Altar
5) the superb serving Manual of the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen.

Visit today!
Contact: Canons Regular of St John Cantius IL, US
Rev Scott Haynes - Website Administrator, 312-243 7373

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