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Tuesday, November 22, 2005



Nice post.
I have already encountered a few people on my blog with the views that the Church is full of bigotry and discrimination. Through my response I attempted to show them that it's the other way around- I think the priests are abandoning their calling and giving into worldly ways. They are doing more harm than good for the people whose consciences and moral teaching they are responsible for.

It's such a shame that most will automatically attack the Church once again. Not surprising, but disappointing.

I love how you wrote that " while missing entirely that is is simply re-affirming the nature of the priesthood and the Church's duty to safeguard these inextricably entwined Sacraments, Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders."

The Catholic Knight

Well thank God! It's about time! Now it's up to us to make sure our bishops enforce this document fully.

Rev. Mike Gormican

The world never wants Christians to "uphold" Christian principals instead they want those principals to meet their current "felt" needs. Truth does not change to suit society.


No, better yet, hide the truth, in the same way it was hidden by residential school after residential school for many generations. Several hundred years ago, I would have been thrown into a pit in a Bohemian castle if I dared speak out against the Church...or burned at the stake. Nowadays the Church wimpers about safegarding the sacriments, while ignoring Afican issues and the diversity of human sexual expression. Shameful institution but little different than the other "ones". I wonder if the early Christians were closer to the "love light".
But who, with any brains cares anyway. I pity you all. But.....
You could do worse thinking for yourselves, I suppose.

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