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Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Rejecting an idea because its from a foreign nation??!? I thought these were the same libs that tout "cultural diversity" and "religious tolerance." San Francisco, if you actually think that homosexual adoption, marriage, and acceptance are time honored traditons, you are just as foreign as the Vatican in this country. Racist, non-tolerant liberals......who knew?


I agree with Kris.

Also I don't feel bad for the poor insulted (gay) San Franciscans... They don't care that they insult people by walking down the street holding hands and kissing...

When people like that put you down, it means you must be doing something right! Wear your badge proudly!


I feel personally by San Francisco attacking the Catholic church.
Frankly, San Francisco offends me!

A Simple Sinner

Sad and disgusting to see the impunity with which they act.

BUT, it is to be expected.

Have you ever noticed that it is always the Catholic Church that recieves the brunt of the assult even if other religions share a same or similair belief? (Evangelicals certainly feel the same way, Mormons, Jews and Muslims as well)

It is telling how Holy Mother Church recieves criticism as though she stands alone.

I had considered sending email to the baord members, but when I read the wording I realized the dellusion is too deeply imbedded to bother.

Prayer seems are only (yet still BEST!) recourse.

Say at least one Hail Mary for them all when you read this. Our Lord has worked on tougher cases than these!


The article makes me even more proud to be Catholic. I think the board deserves a free copy of Dante's "Inferno".


Well, what do you expect from a city that prides itself on "tolerence". Being that this city is to the left of Lenin, it doesn't surprise me that they are agasint the True Church. But are more than welcome to allow Death Cult followers (moooslims) to take over downtown anytime it feels.

New Orleans needed a good cleaning, and they got one hell of a Hurricaine. Is San Fran-Freak-O next?? I wouldn't mind...


In Corde Jesu

I urge all Catholics to realize the danger such actions take. I remind you that our Lord said:
Remember the word I spoke to you, 8 'No slave is greater than his master.' If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they kept my word, they will also keep yours.- John 15:20

Remember the punishments proclaimed by Our Lady in Fatima, which His Holiness John Paul II had such a great devotion to. Is the world not so perverse that God must show Justice? We will be persecuted by God's enemies, but that will not go unpunished. In the end of all this mess, remember, Our Lady of Fatima said,"IN THE END, MY IMMACULATE HEART WILL TRIUMPH!."That will happen no matter what happens. St. Louis Gringon de Monfort said there will be a time ( before the end of the world) where we will breathe Mary like we breath air. We must pray for that time to come, and for the Holy Spirit to return those graces which we have refused, to strengthen us for the troubles ahead, offering everything, even being martyerized and hated by the world. DUC IN ALTUM! Remember the Church is eternal, the gates of hell will not prevail against her. St.Peter and his Successors will lead the barge through the storm, even when it seems we are already sunk. God has always have mercy in the end, even after punishment for our sins. Never will he abandon us, his faithful apostles and prophets will apear as a light in darkness. Pray so that these perverse things will end, that people will turn to His Omnipotent Mercy, before it is too late. The devil will turn the world against us, yet God conquers all.

"If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.
If you belonged to the world, the world would love its own; but because you do not belong to the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, the world hates you.- John 15:18-19

A Simple Sinner

Well, what do you expect from a city that prides itself on "tolerence". Being that this city is to the left of Lenin, it doesn't surprise me that they are agasint the True Church. But are more than welcome to allow Death Cult followers (moooslims) to take over downtown anytime it feels.

New Orleans needed a good cleaning, and they got one hell of a Hurricaine. Is San Fran-Freak-O next?? I wouldn't mind...


Tell me, RR, are you of the thinking that all cities that suffer natural disasters are getting what they deserve?

You are entitled to your opinions, but rather than curl our toes at the misfortune of cities, I would rather pray for the conversion of all the souls made by God to God.

Brother Stanley

What could one expect from a pig but a grunt! SF is a haven for degenerates.

A Simple Sinner

What could one expect from a pig but a grunt! SF is a haven for degenerates.

Brother let us remember that God desires even "degenerates" to become "regenerates" converted to Him in union with His Church.

When Our Lord commanded in Matt. 28:19 "Go ye therefore and teach all nations" He meant the pagan nations yesterday and today. The work of the Apostles is STILL part of our inheritance.

Let's pray for them. God wants made us to know Him, love Him and serve Him in this life and be happy with Him for all eternity in the next. That means HE made ALL of us.

In Corde Jesu

One must first approach sinners with love and ardent desire for their conversion.God is slow to anger and rich in compasion. Yet until when? God is merciful to those who ask for it, and even then God still calls those who refuse him. God is Love, yet also Justice. The Order which God created in the universe makes Nature turn against man when he sins, therefore destroying the Order God established. But God holds back nature, as he wants all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of perfect orthodoxy. But as God is so greatly offended, as to leave Sodom a paradise in comparison, slowly God releases His hold. There many ways to do apostolate. Love and compasion is the first, then the apostolate done to St.Paul.
God knocked him of his horse. Even in the Great Flood of the Old Testament, as they died, God still had mercy when they repented. Please remember God is Perfection.
Mercy AND Justice is done by God.


Simple sinner. I see where you are coming from. I also do pray for these people to relise what it is doing to people like us.

I've spent time in San Fran-Freak-O...I can not stand the town. The freak show that happens day in and day out is disturbing to me. And I'm a very open minded type of guy. I can tolerate alot, but this is un-real.

No, I do not wish harm on anyone. But as my grandmother once said about San Fran..."God better start thinking about, saying he's sorry to Sodom and Gamora"


Karen Cook

I, too, am so sick of the ultra-left wing that has so taken over California, especially. I feel dirty just hearing about what they do and say. My our beloved Lord Jesus take care of them in His own good time.


Allways the same stupid excuses and arguments used by freemasons! At the end this is not a political problem. It's pure and simply religious prosecution (whether people want to see it or not).

Best regards from Spain, united in Christ.


Catholic League files suit against San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Sam Guarino

Go San Fransisco who is the church to tell the people of the world what to do, church has no right intruding on the lives of private citizens let them do what they want and live in peace.

A Simple Sinner

Mr. Guarino,

The Church may express Her opinions on moral matters and inform the faithful - who look to Her - on issues of faith and morals.

That is exactly what Rome is doing. Practicing its freedom of speech and religion.

Don't be a demagogue and act as though Rome is oppressing ANYONE in SF.

In fact if you DO believe that is the case, I have a bridge in the New York City area I would like to sell you....

My simple question is why should the Rome even feel obligated to even suggest to non-believers, or at the least non-members of the church, how they should lead their lives? Why waste the time meddling in the lives of those who could care less what you think? It almost seems trivial.

A Simple Sinner

Well because that is what you do when you have full faith that you practice a faith delivered unto us by God - that is what Catholics believe. We - like any other group - political, social or religous stand up and say "This is what we believe, here is where we stand on the matter." Republicans, Democrats, Fetminsts, John Birch society mebers, Baptists, Mormons, Muslims, social organizations ALL do just that.

The folks who DO NOT share our beliefs are free to NOT share them, but at least they know where we stand on these things.

Turn the question around: Why do YOU come to a Catholic discussion group to share an opinon? I am not telling you not to do so - I am just suggesting that you are doing the very thing you cannot understand - offering an opinion that some others will certainly disagree with.

My opinion does not influence the lives of millions of people world wide, as the pope's opinion holds the power to. The pope is certainly more powerful on our planet than the head of any country in the world. I was upset about the vatican getting involved in this issue from the first I heard of it. I understand the individual chistian's problem with homosexuality, however, you must be aware that with the changing world parts of the bible have more influence placed behind them, as other parts seem to lose their influence. I was hoping that the time had come when we could begin to allow the acceptance of homosexuality, however I know, and you know, that even partial acceptance will never be achieved in our world unless the pope allows it to be so. These are the issues that have chased me away from my faith. And I sincerly thank you for arguing with me because it helps me to understand how other people think because I fear becoming too close minded.

Donna Gaddis

I just wanted to say that the war on the sexuality of the human race, i.e. turning normal human beings to those of the same sex, is being waged by the internaitonal financial powers. By destroying our normal sexuality, our moral sexualty, they are tearing the fabric of our society, the world society, apart. They are dumbing us down in areas of education, culture, and morals plus many other areas in order to better control us. San Francisco is apparently one of their centers of onslaught. The only way that this onslaught will be destroyed is if the weapon which they, and Lucifer, use to destroy the race which God created upon this planet is destroyed. That weapon is the medium of exchange, money. And he will do so. In the Apocalypse, the harlot Babylon is the medium of exchange, the money of this world. Incidently, all of this talk about chemicals in the body making people turn toward their own sex is caused by emotional illness as your emotions can make your body physically react.


The people of San Francisco should stop being cowards and take back their city. I lived in SF for over 9 years. I remember how tolerant we were of the gays when they were in the minority. Now that they are in power they have no tolerance for others especially Catholics. The City of St. Francis take back your city and kick all of those Supervisors out of office.

Allan Svensson

I found your Web Site by Google
And I wish you the best you can get,
the peace of God through Jesus Christ.

Welcome to visit my Site.
Allan Svensson, Sweden

Why does the revival tarry? It is because God's
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the Lord in Rev. 18:4. This is the most powerful
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The coming revival, a nameless revival

Why was the Pentecostal Revival stopped?

As in the days of Lot, it is now. Lot was not interested
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One of the angels said to him: "Flee for your life sake ..."
Just like as Lot, God's people are not interested to leave
the great Babylon, but finally they must flee for
their life from there.

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