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Sunday, April 30, 2006


Godfrey Mannion

Now this one raises some interesting questions. The appointment of Bishops by Rome exclusively is a very recent phenomenon in the church. I many countries the Bishops were appointed by the Canons of the Cathedral Chapter, or by the reigning Monarch. It is only in the age of modern centralization in the church that Rome has abroggated this task unto itself.
China is a special case of course sice the Patriotic Association is state controlled by an avowedly Communist regime. At least in the past in Europe the appointing monarchs were Catholic.
It is difficult to see how The Patriotic Association can be regarded as part of the true Church ; although surprisingly cordial relations seem to exist with some of their Bishops and Rome.
Too many Catholics contiunue to suffer in China to allow us to recognise this puppet church - it would sell out those who have suffered.

As for the voice of the faithful - well it's good that they have found a voice and are prepared to use it. We might then be truly able to pray for "X OUR Bishop" rather than "X our Papal imposition"


What both the Communist and Voice of the Faithful seek as the objective is to break the fidelity we have with the Magisterum. Like so many other in history, they cannot tolerate that there exist an authority greater than their's.

As a Catholic convert from China, I know of the persecution that our brothers and sisters face everyday. They suffer because they will not deny what Christ said, "Tu es Petrus Et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam".

Godfrey Mannion

Richard, While I know the communists simply want control, the Voice of the Faithful it seems to me simply want to be heard.
We have had so many on these blogs sounding off about rotten bishops - all appointed by what you call the Magesterium. In reality they are appointed by a suspect system more infleunced by church politics than spiritual insight. If the local church were truly consulted - instead of the secret mock consultation conducted by the Apostolic Nunciature then perhaps we would have bishops worthy of the task.
The whole process is cloaked in secrecy, and anyone who is consulted is placed "Sub secreto Pontificio" under the Pontifical Secret - forbidden to discuss it with anyone. We need transparency in the life of our church - secrecy has us in the mess we are!


Is the world just too large for one man to handle? I mean, shouldn't an individual archdiocese be able to decide such things as the consecration of bishops?
Unless they are trying to start their own church with a its own doctrine...or they refuse to follow recent teachings of the church.

Sure the pope has a whole assembly of bishops to help him out, but this centralized power stuff can put the needs of the people in a different country on hold.

"The needs of the people." Well, they need to be addressed, or naturally, the people will defect and move on.

Fr.Raju Thorat

Congrstulstions dear New Bishops from China.We the catholics from India are with you. Why the German Pope who was no.1 trouble maker to Pope John Paul II should be a leader of catholics in the world. Infact the Pope should have been from China a most suffering church.

Go ahead in your apostolate we are with you. Do not bother about what the Vatican says.

your brother in Christ.

A Simple Sinner

Oh Rev. Raju,

How IS the Anglican Church of India doing these days?

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