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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Denver Catholic

Actually, the "father's nakedness" was explained to me quite well in the Archdiocese of Denver's Biblical School by Dr. Tim Gray in the first year course there.


The scriptural explanations given over at Rorate are exactly what I learned there when we were studying Genesis in our first year class - and echoed in the laws in Leviticus later on.

To sum up, the "nakedness" which Ham comitted was a sexual act against his (step) mother - which is why Ham's son was cursed (and Canaan as a product of that illicit relation).

To read why - visit Rorate and read the article at length.

charles wade

EXCELLENT would do well to follow the train of thought that the act in the Garden was also sexual in nature as well as an act of disobedience, consider what is referred to as The Serpent Seed Doctrine as put forth by William Brannham and esp. Arnold Murray (Shepherd's Chapel) as we all have the one and only TEACHER, He alone can give us the eyes to see, as briefly and as simply as possible, there are children of light (us, God's children) and Satan's children being the children of darkness, they are of the flesh and we are of the SPIRIT, as Judas was a devil so Satan's children are devils, even though the disciples themselves were unaware of that difference way back when..........look in your eyes and you'll see light, there is no light in their eyes or in their bodies, they are from this world whereas we have been sent by our Father from Heaven to here, thus in this world but not of it, when He called them snakes they were and are, they are the locust in Joel and will appear as the wolves in sheep's clothing without their disguises at the Fifth Trump, we are not learning this now as part of a college class or in a Bible School but because many of us shall be here for His return............please do feel free to contact me if you'd like more info/explanation regarding this subject or the Virgins spoken of in Rev 14 In Jesus' Name, Brother Charles

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