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Friday, May 12, 2006



Catholic Charities in Boston has already provided gay couples with children. Once this became public, Cardinal O'Malley was forced to change the policy (with, I believe, more than a little prodding from Rome) to exclude homosexual couples from consideration.
There was an uproar among the Catholic Charities board members, many of whom deplored the Bishop's actions. Some I believe resigned.
The Cardinal should have been out there condemning the practice, but his silence was deafening. You can hardly get a Bishop to publicly oppose a politician who is pro choice lest he inadvertently support a Republican. Do you really think they're not going to roll over for the Gays? These church "leaders" should be out preaching at every parish. They should be going to jail for their faith, if it's necessary. Fr. Groeschel did.


The previou poster really needs to substantite his comments. This is a most awful slander. We need to know details. I believe this to be false and malicious- and defamatory of the Cardinal.
Who resigned from the board of Catholic Charities, when? This is typical of the mud slinging which is so destructive within the church.

Denver Catholic

Karl, none are so blind as those who refuse to see.

The resignations were in the news - so its hardly mudslinging.

And the other parts can be fairly well substantiated by reading the Banned in Boston article form National Review, and related items linked.

Try reading before responding, it moderates responses quite well.


Thanx, Denver.
Karl, see for yourself. Google: boston globe gay adoptions meade. You'll find out that of 40 CC board members, not ONE voted to support the Cardinal's ban on gay adoptions. I would also refer you to

BTW, I'm not prone to making unsubstantiated statements. I grew up in MA and finally escaped to NH 10 years ago. Our Bishop worked for Cardinal Law. He is a good man, but he was responsible for shuffling many predatory gay priests from parish to parish. As Bishop of NH, he has apologized for the local criminal priests and for any of his actions in the matter that may have caused anyone any harm. But (and I say this as one who sat 5 feet from him and asked him the question when he met with our Pastoral Council), he will not tell the faithful that they should not vote for anyone who supports the "right to choose." His rationale: these people are voting to feed, clothe, and educate the children and are, therefore, doing some good. I asked him how you fed a dead child. A woman began to sob, a really wonderful, sweet person. (I love her to death, I really do; she'd do anything for you, but at Mass she answers prayers with Awoman instead of Amen). The whole thing fell apart after that. I was so shocked and upset myself at what happened, I can't remember what the Bishop said after that. It wasn't a recantation. I figured I'd just shut up.

The whole point of this rambling is that I believe that the majority of priests and bishops are afraid to preach the truth. This is, I believe, because they either do not believe it themselves, of they are afraid to lose congregants. Too, I suppose, they may not feel able to make the good argument.

I've found, after 3 years on the Council, that orthodox/traditional Catholics and those of the more, for lack of a better word, ardent post Vatican II adherents, can live, love, laugh, and talk with each other without undue bloodshed. I've also learned that under the skin we hold the same core beliefs. You can sit across a table from someone and glare at them, of you can discuss things like adults and try to understand why someone believes what one believes. You'd be surprised what even adults can teach other. In the end, you manage to get quite a bit done. You work together; it's what humans do.

To anyone who is sure they have all the answers: trust me, you haven't even heard all the questions. Get yourself on a parish council. And if you find that you all agree on everything, find another parish! Something's wrong there!

john chrysostom


It is wonderful that you have such a merciful heart. I really do want to bless you for that, and praise you for that.

Known mafioso, men like Charles Manson, and terrorist leaders like Osama bin Laden are not innocent and won't be proven so.

Moreover, they are dangerous, even behind bars, so long as they live.

I wish all the anti death penalty liberal Catholics were as vocal and strident about every innocent baby murdered by abortion as they are about vague, unproven claims over the possibility that there might be innocent victims of public executions.

I would be willing to allow for requiring solid DNA evidence or other certain proof, such as videotape, audio recordings, and confession.

Timothy McVeigh was a dangerous man. it was perfectly licit and moral to execute him. Yes, the Holy Father asked that mercy be shown, but when a man like that is allowed to live, to continue contacting others from behind bars, and to serve as an inspiration to other evil nutjobs, society is placed in danger.

An excellent argument can be made that the death penalty, when regularly enforced, is in fact a deterrent. Arab countries may be barbaric, but they don't have anything like our crime rates because criminals are captured and executed swiftly.

Now I'm not saying we should emulate the Arab methods, but it certainly doesn't help to deter crime hen you have all the bleeding heart liberals sobbing about poor criminals and how we need to understand them and have compassion on them.

It becomes annoying when the compassion seems to be for the criminal over the victim, and it often seems that way when liberal Catholics talk about the death penalty (like they do in the National Catholic Reporter [Distorter]).

All I am saying is that the death penalty is moral and licitly applied when there is beyond a reasonable doubt that a person has commit a crime.

I am all for having a higher standard of proof required for death penalty convictions.


I read on another topic posting of the case of the Birmingham 6. I have rearched the case since ad these were 6 innocent individuals who were convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment in Britain for the IRA bombing of the city of Bermingham. The trial judge said that he wished he had the power to impose the death sentence, as he would have done so without a doubt. What could be done to right such a terrible injustice?
and to quote the Arab practice as some kind of model is revolting.
Thery also hack of limbs for the most minor crimes. Are you a christian at all John Chrysostom?

Mike Guilford

Listen to you Catholics whine! You just cannot be happy unless you control everybody's life, not just your own. You CHOSE to be Catholics, so be Catholics. I, and many others, chose a different way of living*, but I'm not forcing anything onto Catholics, or any other control-freak organization, except to RESPECT my boundry just as you want me to respect yours.

And free speech? Every Sunday in churches around the world on everyday on TV, radio, blogs and internet religionists can say any NASTY and UNTRUE thing they want about gays.

*Being gay is not a choice. I tried for YEARS to be str8; chose it over and over and prayed and fasted and even followed church advise and married. LISTEN to reality: sexuality is NOT a choice, ergo your dogma is what is UNREAL and UNTRUE. Keep it to yourselves except when you are in a conversation with someone.

PS: Had any alterboys lately?


I'm sorry you're so lost. The irony is that you attacked the Church because of the sex abuse scandal, and the sex abuse scandal was largely due to homosexual priests!

I hope you find the truth, but as long as you choose to indulge your weaknesses, you will want to remain blind to the truth.

God loves you! He loves you so much that he's given you the chance to repent, as he has with all of us.

Repent and turn to God.

Only God can give your empty heart the peace it seeks.



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