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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Denver Catholic

What will it take for the Vatican to act against the heterodoxy, syncretism and outright heresy of Mahoney?

Forget the smoke of Satan! the sanctuary's on fire! Complacency is collusion with Satan. Catholics, stop supporting this evil! Get on your knees and pray as never before, then stand up, proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ, and claim our Church!

Friend of Fatima

Diabolical Disorientation from Los Angeles, to Orange County, and across the whole nation. Pray the Rosary!


I can tell you from personal experience that gay activists protest Cardinal George's house from time to time and they are nasty. They are interested in public dialogue - the obnoxious kind. This is what I love: "In wearing the Rainbow Sash we call Cardinal George to honor our experience . . ."
Let's be honest, they want Cardinal George to honor gay sex. Hell is going to have a ski resort before that happens.
And as far as the Church's Teaching on the "Primacy of Conscience" goes you have to properly form you conscience - you don't get to believe whatever you want, make stuff up as you go along, say you’re following your 'conscience' and then accuse others of being bigots because they don't go along with your sin against nature.
Can’t they just go to another church and leave us alone? Is it wrong of me to think that?


A true Christian is one who first strives
for personal holiness, then labors in that
holiness to love his/her neighbor. Personal
holiness necessarily includes chastity for
all believers, married or single. Sodomy and
chastity have always been, and always will
be patently contradictory terms in the eyes of
His Church. Any bishop who doesn't love the
soul of his homosexual neighbors enough to
openly call them to genuine personal holiness will answer to Almighty God for each and every poor soul he has misled by his perversion of Truth, or silence
in the face of peer pressure. Would it be too caustic to call them 'brokeback bishops'?

Nathan Hicks

Communion is not a private thing, it's a communal thing. Liberal Catholics...

john chrysostom

Reception of Holy Communion signifies:

1) belief in the Real Presence of Jesus, body, blood, soul, and divinity in the Holy Eucharist

2) union with the Church, including submission of mind and heart with all of the Church's teachings on matters of faith and morals (i.e., communion with the community) and especially that a person's conscience is primarily formed by what the Church teaches

3) that the communicant is not conscious of unconfessed/unabsolved mortal sin

Rainbow Sash wearers oppose Church teaching on homosexuality (among other things). They are at odds with the community.

They are also at odds with Sacred Scripture, which is the revelation of the Holy Spirit.

So they are at odds with God, the Church, and faithful Catholics.

Such people should never approach the Blessed Sacrament; especially if they are living in unrepentant mortal sin.

In the early Church, such people would have been expelled from the congregation before the Eucharistic prayers began.


Derdego forte laures is auro.
Demisnot laures, demis trux.
Fulav causan an hensan dux.

Denver Catholic

Sosthenes, is that the University of Texas Latin 101 final exam? I always heard it this way:

O Civili, Si Ergo.
Fortibus Es In Ero.
O Novili, Doser Nobus, Doser Trux.
Vadis Inem, Causen Dux.

Oh see Willy, see her go
40 busses in a row
Oh no Billy, those are no bus those are trucks
What is in them?cows and ducks

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