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Thursday, May 25, 2006



Dear Madonna/Madge/Ester/Mrs. Ritchie/Mrs. Penn

Be not deceived: God is not mocked. For what things a man shall sow, those also shall he reap. For he that soweth in his flesh of the flesh also shall reap corruption. But he that soweth in the spirit of the spirit shall reap life everlasting.

Galatians 6:7-8


If she thinks a crucifex is sexy, she obviously didn't see "The Passion". What could be sexy about a bloody man suffering a brutal death. Is there something sexy about a gas chamber?

I'm amused when people who have no training in theology like to venture a guess about what Christ would think or say. But is she thinks Christ wouldn't be mad at her, I wish her luck with that.


This is a sinister development. When the central symbol of the Christian faith can be mocked in this very showbiz way it proclaims a new disdain for the faith. Under the guise of entertainment our faith is debased and ridiculed. The effect on people attending these concerts is to rubbish the central tenet of christianity, Is there no law to protect against this? I find it shameful. Try making fun of Islam in the same way!

Mantilla Girl

Once again I agree with Godfrey! I'm still questioning the Dublin location though!


Well Mantilla Girl; you'll just have to take it on faith!
I am writing from a cold and drizzly Dublin as we speak at 11:46 am.
Top O'The mornin to ya!


Before we judge her..lets see how it is done. I still remember how many were outraged at the "like a prayer" video JUST because of her use of a Saint's statue [it was prohibited in Italy!!!]...yet the video spoke of racism and the important of not judging others because of their color. I know madonna is not a saint but many things she had said and done are more Christ like than many church people I "ye that have no sin..cast the first stone!"


Jean, that is as fine an example of wooly and confused thinking as I have ever seen.
This woman is a purveyor of immorality and will ridicule anything to boost her flagging career. Some things are simply beyond what is proper and the Cross of Christ is top of the list in my book.
If we Christians don't stand for something we'll fall for anything!


We christians need to stand up and immerse ourselves in what lead Jesus to the cross, His profound love for His Father and for humanity. Which is what he commanded us to do..not necesarily worship an image of a cross. Sometimes we get stuck on the latter as it is much easier to fulfill. Trust me I am not innocent of this myself. For example it is a lot easier for me to put on my scapular everyday than to really have the fidelity to God that the blessed mother lived which the scapular reminds me of.


Jean, your a Protestant right? No one who really believed in the Church could believe what you believe. Anyone with any sense knows that Catholics do not "worship an image of a cross." Come on, with all the apologetics for homosexuality, you've got to be a Protestant at heart.



I hope to lovingly point out that you are misguided. It would be a mistake to look at how something is being done when what you should be paying attention to is: what is being done. Contemplate Christ crucified. When you reflect on the amount of love and strength it took for Christ to get on the cross and understand what He accomplished by doing it, you will realize why a disco ball version of that at a rock concert for people to make millions of dollars is wholly inappropriate.
The people who like to live in darkness and not know Christ know what they are doing. We all need to have clarity about what they are doing as well. This is a specific attempt to get the goat of Christians by taking their most sacred symbol and making a mockery of it. She has a long history of taking things that are sacred and making a mockery of them whether it is for money or other reasons.

God Bless,

Carol G

p.s. what has Madonna done that is Christ-like? Christians and Catholics have their short comings but there is a difference between striving for holiness and not always being successful and not trying at all and saying you’re consistant.

Takes one to kow one..."Irish Mantilla Girl"

Dear Dubliner, Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me! How's that for an Irish Mantilla girl? Well, ghost of Godfrey, since this is a Catholic blog, I am just going to have to forgive your energetic past! Christ told us to forgive many times. I guess that includes the many people blogs! You did add a contentious sparkle, which is notably Irish! Now, you have me wondering if you are really Jean. You seem a little more conservative and humble as the Dubliner, but change is good. Especially for a stubborn Irishman!


"but change is good. Especially for a stubborn Irishman! " Or Woman!


Just wanted you to know that I referred to your blog as part of my post on Madonna and the cross. Here is the link Vicar of Wadley: Madonna gets crucified in more ways than one

A Simple Sinner

This isn't even page 2 news.... this is page 8, section 2.

We know what Madonna is about, we know she is preaching to her own choir....

I was in NYC two summers ago for a college buddies wedding... we were staying at the Hotel Pennsylvania when Madonna was accross the Street at Madison Square Garden on tour to sold out crowds over several nights...

I know I will be accused of being a quasi-liberal... but I think preaching against her avails little. True outreach - inviting our neighbor to Mass, sharing our faith and praying, praying, praying is the best we are going to do... The folks who are attending her concerts are not going to bat an eye at our outrage.

Truth is, after 20 years of her and her ilk with this sort of nonsense, I am desensitzed to it... "Oh look, one more thing she is doing...."

And, for the record, the idea the end "justifies the means" that her use of scandal to in some odd way shed light on "racism" is as LUDICROUS as saying in the end we should ignore what the Godless totalitarians - Nazis and Marxists - did because they at least they demonstrated social concearn in trying to "promote national pride" or "help the common worker."


Fundamentally Christ was telling us all to love one another. As a gay man with a Jesuit education of 16 years I can tell you this would probably be the least of Christ's worries. She's just trying to get your attention and frankly doing an ok job at it.

I have to tell you I thoroughly agree with revabi who spoke of "True outreach - inviting our neighbor to Mass, sharing our faith and praying". If Catholics concentrate on loving other poeple who really cares what she does? Institutionalized hatred of gays and lesbians is just plain evil (aka Jesus does not approve). Have you loved your gay and lesbian brother and sister today?


Why is it that everytime someone decides to mock or depict a religion, it's always the catholic church??


No matter what we catholics will always be persecuted for our beliefs.
Remember the beatitudes?......."Blessed are you, when people abuse you, and persecute you, and speak all kinds of calumny against you for my sake. Rejoice! and be glad for your reward will be great in heaven, as it was for the prophets persecuted before you.

A Simple Sinner

Why is it that everytime someone decides to mock or depict a religion, it's always the catholic church??

If you are going to mock and denegrate faith in general or Christianity in particular, best to go after the True Faith established by Jesus Christ, true god and true man.

Everything else is just an imitation....




If you think Catholics are persecuted have I got a story for you. A story about Catholic school where I was mocked, taunted, teased, maligned, beaten, harrassed the list goes on and on... (all by Catholics)

Persecuted for being Catholic- That's rich. What is this, the Roman empire? PLEASE spare me. If you would like to live a day in my life and see how you get treated be my guest.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!- Any so-called religion that proposes exclusion and hatred of gays and lesbians IS A MOCKERY of Christ's life (aka not at all what Christ stood for).


It's been quite a while since I have visited this blog. In fact it has been so long that I forgot my old username and password. I belive a used to post as KrisfromIndy, but I found this to be a more appropriate name.

Anyway, Tom, I would like for you to site, from any Cathechism of the Holy Roman Catholic Church or any book of Canon law or any writings from the Councils of the Church or any letter from any Pope that advocates the hatred of people with Homosexual tendencies.

As far as exclusion, I assume that you are refering to the Church's discipline that those living in sin, including those indulging in homosexual activities, not be admitted to Holy Communion. For future reference, all Catholics living in the state of mortal sin are forbidden from receiving Holy Communion, not merely homosexuals.

Homosexual activity has always been considered a sin in the Roman Catholic church, just as innapropriate non-marital heterosexual activity has always been considered as sin. This is the way it is, this is the way it will be until Christ comes again in glory, no matter what your Jesuit education says.

I find it hard to believe that you didn't know all of this information before, but now you do. Feel free to either confess your sins and amend your life, or find another religion that "suits" you and quit parading around as a Catholic. I do not endorse or suggest the latter option, but at least it will keep you form living a contradiction and mocking Christ's Church.

In Nomine Patri, et Filli, et Spriritu Sancti

All religions are mocked now and then, each one has its turn. Maybe we should all just lighten up? Ye take thee too seriously!! Hey, and so does're all in the same boat!! Awwwww!!!


It's just a song...
Why all that confusion?
I think the people who create this polemic love Madonna and love dancing "Vogue"... lol

That really more important things to do in this life...

Worry about Madonna is a waste of time.


with all due respect people... why not stop wasting your time worrying about how God is going to judge someone else, and start worrying about your OWN relationship with him. Because, I GUARANTEE that very few of you really have this AMAZING relationship with him... just because you go to church doesn't really mean anything. HATE IS NOT A FAMILY VALUE.


Um, why dont you guys stop trying to get madonna banned and start going after the pedophiles in your midst? like many people here have said, i think Jesus (who most catholics BARELY emulate-and i grew up one) is worried about much worse things then madonna performing symbolism in her concerts. jeesh.

and i agree, all religions are mocked, lighten up, perhaps this attitude is half the reason you get mocked most of the time.

and i dont know what protestant church you are talking about Rich, but last time i checked all those insane evangelical nutjobs were protestant, you know, the same people who have that website? get your facts straight. or go join that site because your disdain for homosexuals seeps through your post. generally, someone with that many issues with homosexuals is one.......


and jean, generally catholics who are the most insecure in their faith and how they carry out the teachings of jesus are the FIRST to throw a stone. catholics (ok really any very religious person) and among the most hypocritical and judgemental people on earth. catholics included. catholics come close to topping the list, but i think evagelicals beat them out. also, taking the bible literally is laughable at best.

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