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Friday, May 26, 2006


A Simple Sinner

WE don't need to look as far as Austrailia for that sort of behavior. In Toledo Ohio a priest (Gerald Robinson) was convicted of stabbing a 71 year old nune to death after wrapping her in an altar cloth and stabbing her above the heart with an upside down cross.

I wish I was making this up.


I read the article and was struck by the fact that this "victim's" assertions are apparently unsubstantiated. The priest he names is dead and the police, according to the article, have been unable to verify this guy's claims that he witnessed the ritualistic murder of three people as part of a Satanic ritual, the priest is said to have participated in. Moreover, no other people have come forward with similar claims. Maybe there is more information than what is reported in the article, but it sure seems like this is pretty thin evidence to be smearing a dead priest with, particularly given the sensational nature of these allegations.

A Simple Sinner

FEDUP - you do have a good point... I think it is said the the state of faith in "clerical character" is so generally low that the door has been opened wide (by all the LOUSY clericswho DID do wrong) for any accusation to leave most "guilty untol proven innocent."

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