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Monday, June 05, 2006



How gay is superman? I think any male superhero in spandex is pretty gay.
Oops. Excuse me.

Lavender Mafia are not Superheroes!

I am **super** fed up with the homosexual agenda!

Joseph D'Hippolito

Superman is not a homosexual

Well, I guess that means that neither Roger Mahony nore Tod Brown are Superman! ;)


It's a Mahony! It's a Brown! It's a...


My gosh, you seem awfully obsessed with gay themes. You seem genuinely threatened by homosexual individuals. It is one thing to hide behind religion and denounce the gay lifestyle, but it is quite another to be so paranoid about it. It makes me laugh! Don't worry though, even if superman is gay, he will probably still help you out if you are in trouble.

john chrysostom

Golly gee, Jake!

You seem awfully threatened by challenges to the homosexual agenda.

It is one thing to hide behind political correctness to support a deviant lifestyle by attacking religion, but it is quite another to be so paranoid about any criticisms of such deviance or attempts to mainstream the same.

It makes me laugh!

Don't worry though, Jesus will still help you! Call on Him soon, because based on your post, it sounds like you're in trouble!


My, My John. Glad I made you laugh. You know what gay superman and Jesus have in common? Neither of them are real. But be careful though, the homosexual agenda is out to get you!!! It might turn you gay if you don't watch out, or worse, it might get your kids.

john chrysostom


Are you a homosexual? It's probably good to get that out in the open.

Can you prove Jesus isn't real? That's a pretty hefty claim. It would be important to provide sound reasons for holding such a view; a view that is contested by facts of history.

Is the rejection of Jesus common in the homosexual community? I mean, would many or most homosexuals say that Jesus isn't real?

I'm sure many people would be interested in your perspective.

If you believe that Christ is not real,why are you joining committed Roman Catholics on a Roman Catholic blog?
It also sounds like you're an active homosexual. Is this accurate?


Jake 11 is the Dubliner is Godfrey. Well, sort of. I think that the Dubliner and Godfrey believe in Jesus. Jake 11 is the free pagan spirit of those two. How is misty green Ireland Jake?


To all, to answer a few questions posed by this board. No, I am not a homosexual. I am married to a woman and have two beautiful children. I live in Boston, so I can not answer the question as to how Ireland is. Can I prove that Jesus isn't real? Well, yes I can. As far as I know, the Jesus that you all worship died close to 2000 years ago, therefore he no longer exists. And finally, why I am posting on a Roman Catholic board? Come on now, don't you all think it is important to understand the opposing view, and more importantly, try to save you all from your delusions.


The first three comments by jake11 share the same IP address. The final (most recent) comment, attributed to jake11, has an entirely different IP address, an address so different, it appears to come from another city.

Neither jake11 is Godfrey/Dubliner/Sybil


Sorry..I do work you know. I will keep my comments from my home IP address from now on, which is the first three responses.


I can relate to jake11 - that is, I heartily listen to others viewpoints. I guess that's why I like this blog. I'm not just stating my logical nonsense.

There ARE a lot of gay themes on here - but no doubt it's a real in-the-face issue for Californian Catholics.

I (and I think most of us here) are comparatively intelligent adults who know what the "opposing view" is and we've stated loudly and clearly that we reject it. That's how we get to call ourselves Roman Catholic. There are requirements. Believing the official teachings of the Church is one of them.
If we were here for information re: the Roman Catholic Faith, we'd be asking questions, not making statements denying the teachings of the Church.
What experience have you had as (or with) a Catholic that would cause you to believe we are all "delusional"?


I have always thought of Batman as a type of John the Baptist.


There are so many opposing viewpoints on here.
I'm sure most of us are familiar with the story from the life of St. John Vianney. The devil told him 12 people (priest?) could change the world.
Right. Like 12 people could actually be found that agree on everything! Hey, if 12 of us posters on this blog could agree...darn it, we could change the world! hahahaha!

I read of an interesting fact on St. Thomas Aquinas recently that made me think of some posters on this blog. After Aquinas experienced a heavenly revelation near the end of his years, he never wrote another word. I think I know why.


"If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking."
George S. Patton

(I'm not a military buff, but nice quote, isn't it? Or am I just liberal?)


I actually respect your devotion to the church. I really do. I just think it is delusional to believe that there is a homosexual agenda that would affect you. I mean, I live in Mass., and let me tell you, gay marriage has had zero affect on my heteaosexual marriage. Additionally, many desperate children have found loving homes in stable same sex families. I understand that you all view the lifestyle as sinful, however you must understand that others don't share your beliefs. Why does this blog continually speak out against things that have no direct affect on you. You think there is a homosexual agenda that is attempting to get you to accept homosexuals. But that is not the case. They want to be recognized as equal by the state, not the church. I think this blog does an excellent job of dealing with problems within the catholic church, such as pedophilia (which is a problem for hetersexuals and homosexuals), birth control, etc. I just wish you wouldn't hate others that don't share your views and try to make public policy that discriminates.



After so long, the homosexual agenda, or any hot button issue, affects Catholics personally because it is an issue that challenges the Catholic belief. Catholics are only human and will feel a variety of emotions on being attacked. The Catholic response is what is so often debated.

Maybe the American Catholic bishops are in the front of a new response system to all the current controversies. Even if their accepting response to an issue, such as homosexuality, is not the best representation of the Catholic Church, it is a sincere effort to overcome any negatively aggressive reaction to opposition.

However, the Catholic Church, in taking her stance, and Catholics themselves, in supporting their Church, are not simply being touchy and inconsiderate when they argue their position.

At the bottem of it all, there are an ideal set of morals which, if violated, will only produce disaster for mankind. These morals, which the Catholic Church strives to protect, are the groundwork of humanity.


I am trying to raise a son with my wife. It's stuff like this that infuriates me. Not only movies, but television too, is out of control. Summer is here - movie time and television - so how do I navigate the stew that is out there as far as all these cable channels (cartoons are even absurd) and find content that is suitable. SuperMan! where will they go next!!!!


I think all of you who mock the man who wrote this blog and religion are wrong. The homosexual agenda is very real, and will try to take over the world.

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