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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


TM Lutas

The best that can be done is to strongly encourage the foundation to expand its work on improving schools and disease prevention like malaria and TB. The more money that is absorbed in uncontroversial causes, the less there is for the profoundly mistaken ones.


Very Creepy.


I am stunned that people didn't comment very much on this.

Some Day

See, not to demean the article, but these people cannot impress me more with their atheist, or satinical actions. You see, most of these people are Masons. And heaven forbid they do something out of line with their gnostical ideals. Prolife, as much as some protestants would like to defend it, is some thing Catholic. And this world is extremely anti-Catholic. You should know, even out own Princes of the Church defend things that aren't Catholic. Everyday you here some priest say some heresy or innconsitency with Church teachings. You here the Bishops promoting things and doing things extremely outside the lines of Catholic morality. The fact that a billionare is doing another sinful and amoral action, stirs my anger and zeal for the Church, yet it won't drive me crazy.
Don't confuse this with a lack of interest.
There will be a time to confront the errors of the present and past centuries. The Church is the number one opponent to all these errors. And from with in it, the faithful will rise in these times of difficulty in the defence of God and His Church. Soon, some day.
Blessings and good research.


Oh...give me a break. The Gates' have done more to directly help the world's poor and suffering than our entire country has. Where 93% of USAID's malaria budget went to consultants instead of to treatment, the Gates' are there on the front lines, creating capacity and saving lives. As a Catholic and as a Christian, what have you done lately to live out your faith and help those less fortunate than yourself...other than pass judgement on those who actually are.


Give me a break! Nobody criticized their efforts to curb malaria! What has that got to do with abortion and eugenics, which is what Planned Parenthood sells.

Abortion is murder. Giving millions to support murdering unborn babies is not offset by donating even more money to prevent malaria.

What if Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffet, in addition to funding the fight against malaria, were also donating money to exterminate poor people in Africa by lethal injection? Would you complain about people opposing that?

Your response is only a testament to how brainwashed people are in terms of thinking abortion is not that big of a deal.


"....The Gates' have done more to directly help the world's poor and suffering than our entire country has."

So if Gates donates the bulk of his wealth to "planned parenthood" (synonym for abortion industry) it is ok because he has done much for the world's poor and suffering.

What terrible blindness!!! Terrible because this line of reasoning (or thought, if you like) causes the loss of a couple of million innocent lives thru abortion.

How does one justify a grave sin like abortion or any sin for that matter?

Abortion is surely a most heinous sin; not only is it murder, but it is murder of the most innocent. These innocent babies are created by God and for God, yet their lives are snuffed out before they are even born.

Abortion is a moral issue; our objective moral values are based on our religion, and our religion on our faith. A person with little or no religion usually has weak moral values. Similarly, when faith is weakened, the logical effect will be a lowering of morality. No true catholic with a strong faith would condone abortion no matter what the mitigating circumstances might be.

What are the Catholic Principles of Morality in regard to abortion?


"Any direct attempt on an innocent life as a means to an end - even to the end of saving another life - is unlawful. Innocent human life, in whatsoever condition it is found, is withdrawn, from the very first moment of its existence, from any direct deliberate attack.


"Every human being, even a child in the mother's womb has a right to life directly from God and not from the parents or from any society or authority.� Hence there is no man, no human authority, no science, no medical, eugenic, social, economic or moral 'indication' that can offer or produce a valid juridical title to a direct deliberate disposal of an innocent human life; that is to say, a disposal that aims at its destruction whether as an end or as a means to another end, which is, perhaps, in no way unlawful in itself." (Pius XII, Allocution to Large Families, November 26, 1951.)

How then can one be good yet one supports or condones evil? Truths and Falsehoods cannot coexist.

Philip Njemanze

The fact that the world's richest billionnaires along with World Leaders of the G8 are demanding Abortions for AID from African countries, is to fulfill what the scriptures had foretold in Revelation 19:19-20. The battle is set, the Beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together (usually at Davos) to make war againt Christ and the church millitant opposed to abortion. The Beast was captured (Rev 19:21) and with him the false prophet (make belief Philanthropist that kills the Unborn babies of Africa and other nations with his billions) and performed miraculous signs promising wonder cures from vaccines that contain foetocides and malaria medications loaded with contraceptive bills destined for Africa. The plan of the Devil is clear, to blackmail the Church into silence by his allegations of priest sex scandals, then to blackmail free thinking people with labels of extremism and make the coast clear for destruction of the weakest of all the unborn particularly in the poorest places on earth in Africa. Let the church militant rise in defence of the faith. We must show that the Devil's way lacks reason and we must be bold and strong and resist him by reason and truth. The mark of the Beast is the intrauterine contraceptive device called copper-T.



My wife decided she didn't want kids just yet, so she has gone and gotten the IUD in order to avoid all the hormones of traditional contraceptives.

I was wondering, after I beat on the soles of her feet for her insolence, what is the most effective way to remove it? I was figuring I’d just punch her in the stomach until it pops loose. Do you have any other suggestions? I need to act fast before the seven headed dragon pops out of her vagina… Thanks!

Stephen Ewald

You sound crazy I dont understand people that follow religion Its not your body nor is it mine who cares what others do worry about you and your family care for your selves judge not yet ye be judged first re read your book (The Bible) Cause I think you all are missing the point its all about being a good person no one needs saving other the your self

Atlanta Catholic

Stephen Ewald,

I think that you are missing the point. "Thou shalt not kill"! A good way to view this Stephen is this way. The people who sound crazy to you will be the ones to speak up if they ever see you being hurt, harmed, or killed by injustice. The people that you view as sane will look the other way and wonder what their family is having for dinner that night.


Why should we be surprised? The elitists of this country have always been huge advocates of eugenics -- just like the main-stream science and medical industries in this country are.

The Rockefeller foundation funded the eugenics program in Nazi Germany that led to the death camps. Eugenics has always been extremely popular in this country. Forced sterlization took place in this country from 1907 into the early 1960's. The irony is this -- Bill Gates with his behavioral difficulties in his schools years might have been deemed feeble-minded by the quack social workers of the early part of this century, and he would have been sterilized along with his mother. It's a good thing he didn't live then.

Planned Parenthood is a eugenics organization founded by Margaret Sanger a Catholic-loathing Malthusian. She started a program called the Negro project in Harlem formed to keep the population of African Americans at a minimum, since this population was deemed of less value to society on the whole -- a drain.

I think people need to read more about history in order to understand the mentality of the Bill Gates and Warren Buffets in our society. Devaluing any human life is a very dangerous path -- it starts voluntarily and then become coersive, then mandated. Certainly it is well funded by private sources and government -- soon to be even more so when FOCA is enacted.

We remain naive despite all the information at our fingertips. It is a sad state of affairs.


Don't worry about childbrearing by IUD users; it's quite likely such a person, like me, will have been made infertile by it. I thought these things were taken off the market 30 years ago after a generation of women were damaged by them. This to me was proof that I should never have put off becoming pregnant, committing a sin. My punishment was childlessness forever!


Don't worry about childbrearing by IUD users; it's quite likely such a person, like me, will have been made infertile by it. I thought these things were taken off the market 30 years ago after a generation of women were damaged by them. This to me was proof that I should never have put off becoming pregnant, committing a sin. My punishment was childlessness forever!

Simple soul

I was puzzled and surprised to read this information re the Gates Foundation I was under the impression Mrs Gates was a fervent Catholic Perhaps she is unaware of the pro abortion aspect of what they are funding Should not the Priests for Life group make an approach to her?


as far as I'm concerned,these so called "philanthropists" like Bill and Melinda Gates,Buffett and the king and founder of the eugenics movement..the Rockefellers..
and their families finest..the king of eugenicism..David..
are all cold blooded satanic murderers..they are sick psychopaths that believe they are God.. they are not..billions of pieces of paper[phony money] with pictures of dead presidents and computer digits mean nothing to God and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.. they will reap what they sow..


there is actually a video out with Bill Gates telling someone how proud he is of himself for depopulating Africa and how necessary it is..instead of helping these helpless Africans get a decent life,food,shelter and other life giving necessities as they profess and pretend to do,they send their dupes over to Africa to sterlize them and kill their unborn babies..


The Gates and so many like them erroneously believe that depopulating Africa is a good thing. I will give them one thing--they did help combating Malaria. Unfortunately, these people believe that people are the problem. THe people who are the problem are those at the top who are either too ignorant or selfish to care about the welfare of their citizens. The First World really doesn't care about the African continent, and I'm afraid that they don't care about the unborn, or life itself. We live in a very sick society.

Riikka Söyring

I am not a catholic. I think it best I make that clear first.
I´ve been wondering about the pope as this vicar of nowadays seems to be making rather peculiar looking handsigns when giving blessings. One might even say he is into death metal, if one´s to make any deductions of the sign language. And so are Hilary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush jr, Obama, Bono etc

I am not anti-catholic either. I was just thinking that could it be possible that the evil has been able to creep into the holy premises?

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