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Monday, August 28, 2006



How can Bishop Todd Brown state that Catholics are free to kneel in conscience, but only if you attended the meeting with him or signed the flyer? This is what Father Tran said that Bishop Todd Brown meant. This is not even common sense! How can the Bishop state a set of different rules for different consciences? Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive!


I hate to say it, but these are times when I feel the process for choosing bishops needs to be revised. I am just not confident that an apostolic nuncio from Rome is completely qualified to make recommendations to the Pope. The California Church is a great example. Most of the bishops are from Southern California, which has a history of problems in its diocese and seminary. Yet, Mahoney's cronies keep getting picked to head the dioceses in the North. I have lived in the Diocese of Monterrey and the Diocese of Stockton, both of which are suffering greatly in areas of finance, vocations and church attendance. Who's to blame?

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