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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Having a baby I always sit where I have an escape route. I think during the homily when the priest is trying to keep his thoughts collected is one of the most important time for me to keep the baby from disturbing people and leave if need be.

That being said, I think the adults are so much worse than the baby. We go to a chapel that I’d rather not name that has adults that talk so much before and after mass it’s like they are in a social hall or something. It’s terrible! The other hard thing is when the baby is by some miracle being quiet and I’m praying and someone taps me on the shoulder to ask me about the baby and tell me about their kids or grandkids (although I will say it was worse when I was pregnant). I wish people knew how precious that time was and not try and engage me in conversation. I try to be gracious but cut them off as soon as I can. My needs aside, I wish they knew they were in Church and showed the proper respect.

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