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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A Simple Sinner

In some of these cases where vicitims of absuse are suing and winning $10M awards.. well I am flabergasted.

Not really sure where that number comes from.

$1M in most parts of the country would be a good amount to go back to school, buy or pay off your house, but some money in your IRA, have enough money to see a good therapist if you wanted.

$2M, to be fair, might be a little better as most attorneys take 33% leaving a client with around $1.32M. That would be a good deal of money for therapy, it would pay off debts, it would be well over 15 times what most americans make in a year...

Yet the folks who are going after these MONSTERS are going after settlements well in excess of what would be reasonable compensations.

One wonders if this is not a situation where too many folks have been overcome by greed, and are also interested in financially crippling the church.


Of course part of the M.O. is to financially cripple the an effort to make them think twice when passing abusers to another parish, in order to sidestep justice.

I guess if I were abused, I would not be able to set a number, I would just want it realy high as it gets. For me it would not be in order to make me feel better, but in order to hit them hard, where it hurts. Unfortunatly what many in the pew don't realize, is the bucks to pay off the law suits aren't payed by the abusers, or the homo-comrade-bishops who protect and agitate for normalization of homosexuality. They just keep up their lifestyle, and make us pay the bills. When a bunch of parishes have to close...does the bishop lose his job or diocese? No.
Do the faithful in the pews get hit? Yes.

I think the Catholic Church is unfairly maligned on this issue, but the heart of the matter is something else entirely. It is this: Should we expect something different from our priests and bishops than the 'norms' of society - especially in matters of morality and honesty? Abso@#*^%#lutely yes! Do I expect them to be sinless? No. Do I expect them to be better than the average secularist...I don't think I need to answer this one.

Beware of those trying to push the sins of our gay priesthood and bishops under the rug.

Believe me, if I could erase or undo anything our church has had to go through, it would be the gay sex abuse/pedophelia scandal. BTW, it is a homosexual and a pedophelia problem. I know the John Jay stats and the ortho attempt to say it is not pedophilia, but I will contradict each time, because it is a smattering and combination of both.

We need to work on cleaning out our refuse before we jump to pointing out other groups similar problems, even if they are worse, and we are unfairly maligned. I suspect we have not even seen the last of the gay abuse issue yet. I have seen and met a number of newer, supposed 'orthodox' seminarians and new priests. Not one I have seen yet strikes me as a sturdy, straight man. Not one.

Wait until the RICO lawsuit goes through on the gay East Coast bishops. Read that story online, it is truly horrible. It will make you forget about the public school problem for a while. It will make you challenge why we have a closed discipline on clerical celibacy. Mind all it is not a doctrine, but a discipline. We have created the perfect gay storm with compulsory celibacy. I also challenge the notion that it is new, since WWII.
I challenge all, look this one up.
Beware weak in faith, don't read this one if you are having a difficult time.


Of course the lawyers are taking this one for a ride. And yes, they too are wrong for doing so.

I may ask a question what point did the church take this centuries-old problem up publicly? - Only when the lawyers got involved.

It sucks.


I think this type of abuse can ruin somebody's no number is going to do it justice......or take away the pain. As for the media's role.....I think they've done their job with exposing abuse in our schools and places of worship. Sadly, it seems I read about some new incident every day. But it is the organizations that need to make the changes......more thorough background checks, increased monitoring.....and zero tolerance for offenders. Until they make the changes, I'm in favor of the big settlements.....sometimes you need to hit an organization where it hurts to make them get the preventative measures in place that should have been there in the first place.


Ps. The Catholic Church is an organization based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and society is right to expect more from us than from some random public school system. We are supposed to have higher standards.....that's why the backlash is so great.


Actually, if John Mark Karr were a catholic priest, he would currently be weighing a job offer from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles to be the new director of vocations. But even he probably wouldn't want to be mixed up with that bunch.

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